Ferrari Team Puts Out Pit Lane Fire, Sends Charred 488 Back Out To Race Like It's No Big Deal

If you race a Ferrari, the entire Internet will swear that you’re playing with fire. Fortunately, it looks like the Scuderia Corsa No. 68 team has plenty of experience with fire, as they just put out a very stubborn pit lane flambé with ludicrous speed and sent their seared Ferrari 488 back out like it’s no big deal.


Pissed-Off Racing Legend Sues Ferrari For Denying Him A LaFerrari Spider

Normally the headline would be “Florida Man Files Hilarious Lawsuit Against Ferrari.” But this isn’t just any Florida Man. This is Preston Henn, the Sultan of Swap, flea market baron, champion race car driver and famed car collector. And he’s so pissed that Ferrari denied him the opportunity to buy the LaFerrari Spider