I'm David Peace, Author Of The Damned Utd And Red Or Dead. Let's Chat.

We're joined by novelist David Peace. Named one of Granta's Best of Young Novelists in 2003, he's the author of the Red Riding Quartet, the Tokyo Trilogy, GB84, The Damned Utd—"probably the best novel ever written about sport," per The Timesand, most recently, Red or Dead, an exploration of the life and career of… »5/27/14 12:59pm5/27/14 12:59pm


When England's Greatest Genius Took Over England's Best Team

If there's one sports novel you should read, it's probably The Damned Utd, David Peace's 2006 account of Brian Clough's disastrous 44-day tenure with a Leeds United side that detested him as much as he detested them. On one level it works as a meticulous, if fictional, reconstruction of a crucial period in the career… »3/11/14 2:30pm3/11/14 2:30pm

Late Night: David Foster Wallace's First Published Fiction For a Major National Magazine


Five years ago this week, David Foster Wallace took his own life. Twenty years earlier, before Wallace was widely known, he published a piece of original fiction in Playboy called “Late Night.” Alice Turner, Playboy’s fiction editor for 22 years, introduces the short story by remembering how she first came across the… »9/13/13 2:57pm9/13/13 2:57pm