Today In Straightforward Headlines: "Man Busted For Kicking Kitten Then Signaling Field Goal"

Police charged a South Side (Chicago) man with animal cruelty after officers say they watched him take a running start and kick his kitten 15 feet to 18 feet into the air before raising his arms to signal a successful field goal.


He told the arresting officers: "This is my cat, Nightmare. He is tough, we play…

»1/25/12 4:10pm1/25/12 4:10pm

Watch A High School Kicker Nail A 64-Yard Field Goal With Room To Spare

Austin Pacheco, a high school senior out of Carson City, Nev. who will probably be made very rich by an NFL contract in a few years, kicked a game-winning field goal on Friday night—from 64 yards and with room to spare. This is, if you recall, one yard longer than Sebastian Janikowski's record-tying 63-yard field… »10/05/11 10:40am10/05/11 10:40am

Did Pat McAfee Kick A 75-Yard Field Goal? (Spoiler Alert: No)

The latest "athlete does something impossible" viral video to make the rounds is Colts punter Pat McAfee nailing consecutive field goals from 65, 70 and 75 yards out. And despite that whole "impossible" thing, there are those who want to believe it's real, citing evidence like "McAfee said it's real" and "there's no… »7/29/11 10:40am7/29/11 10:40am