49ers Fans Start Brawl Outside Of Buffalo Wild Wings, Get Pummeled

It’s been a bad week for Niners fans. On Monday, a group of San Francisco fans battered a Vikings fan after the game; four suspects were arrested over the weekend on felony charges. On Sunday, a group of 49ers fans reportedly started trouble in a Los Angeles Buffalo Wild Wings, and ended up on the wrong end of a… »9/21/15 2:11am9/21/15 2:11am

Grown-Ass Men Fighting Over A Baseball Bat, In Extreme Slow Motion

Edwin Encarnación let a bat fly into the stands during the ninth inning Saturday in Texas, and some Rangers fans engaged in some epic and embarrassing struggle in an attempt to take home a very special souvenir. We slowed the footage down for your enjoyment of every participant's role in this true theatre of life. »5/19/14 10:45am5/19/14 10:45am

Lady-Punching Jets Fan's Lawyer: "They Should All Have A Beer Together"

Attorneys representing Kurt Paschke and Jaclyn Nugent appeared in court yesterday to review some additional footage of a brawl that took place last month at Met Life stadium, which ended with Paschke punching Nugent in the face. The footage doesn't seem to have offered much more insight into who instigated the fight,… »11/15/13 10:37am11/15/13 10:37am

Hockey Player Assaults Opponent By Swinging A Stick At His Head

The YouTube uploader says this took place during a world invitational tournament held earlier this month in Chicago. At the 13-second mark, keep your eye on the top of the screen, where a player for the Toledo Cherokee reacts to getting elbowed to the ground by a player for the San Diego Jr. Gulls by clubbing him in… »11/12/13 3:07pm11/12/13 3:07pm