Report: Marshawn Lynch's Biopic Won't Be Released Because It's So Bad

The internet was treated in February to roughly four minutes of sloppily edited footage featuring Marshawn Lynch for what appeared to be a biopic based on the Seahawks running back. (Watch it here.) Those four minutes are apparently all the public will get, because Family First is reportedly never seeing the light of… »7/07/15 3:00pm7/07/15 3:00pm


A Musical Version Of Rocky Is Coming To Germany, With The Klitschko Brothers As Co-Producers

The film was always about boxing, but it's also a love story. "Stallone said he had long thought that a musical transfer for the 1976 Oscar-winning drama was a good idea, in particular if its romantic side was amped up." Given the dreadful state of boxing's heavyweight division, the Klitschkos are probably just… »11/21/11 4:35pm11/21/11 4:35pm