Duke Beats Gonzaga, And The Final Four Is Set

What Was The Most Rewatched Moment Of The Final Four?

TiVo released a neat chart with the most rewatched moments from this year's Final Four. (Apparently, they have the ability to keep track of this.) The top three are from the championship game, naturally. » 4/08/14 9:05pm 4/08/14 9:05pm

How One Woman Won A Second Straight Trip To The Final Four

On Thursday, Burger King announced @letsgolakers086 as the winner of an all-expenses paid trip to this year's Final Four. It would be the highlight of a lifetime for many people, but it's just another March for this Los Angeles woman. After all, Wheat Thins sent her to the Final Four just last year. » 3/24/14 11:33am 3/24/14 11:33am

Turner Will Produce Team-Specific Telecasts For The Final Four

This season's Final Four will be the first time the semifinals are broadcast on cable. With that move comes the freedom to try something new: For both of the semifinal games, fans of each competing team will receive their very own broadcast. » 11/18/13 2:56pm 11/18/13 2:56pm

Here's An Easier Way To Compare Those Two Atlanta Heat Maps

We got our hands on some sweet heat maps that show how the Final Four boosted retail sales in Atlanta from the previous week. For an easy comparison, use the slider above. » 4/10/13 5:52pm 4/10/13 5:52pm

Heat Map: Did The Final Four Pay Off For Atlanta?

Do stadiums really generate revenue for cities? It's a complicated question, but the short answer is: 1) Yeah, some, but 2) Not nearly enough to offset the enormous public costs of these developments. » 4/10/13 5:00pm 4/10/13 5:00pm

Amazon And Detroit Free Press Selling Book On Michigan's NCAA Victory

Did you watch the Michigan-Louisville game the other night? How good were those Wolverines, huh? Fab Five 2013! What a great time for the region, with the pride back in Detroit and now the pride back for the whole state! Go Michigan! » 4/10/13 2:46pm 4/10/13 2:46pm

Taking A Charge Is Just The Worst

With 20 seconds left and Syracuse down two, Brandon Triche drove the lane and dropped off a sort of wild layup as Jordan Morgan slid underneath him. Triche was called for an offensive foul and Michigan got the ball back and eventually won the game. It did not decide the game so much as make a Michigan win inevitable.… » 4/07/13 10:05am 4/07/13 10:05am

After An Absolute Rock Fight In The Georgia Dome, Louisville Knocks Off…

Down 12 with 13:15 remaining, Louisville clawed back with defense that changed the game's atmosphere from "celebratory" to "panic attack," and hit just enough shots to surpass a Wichita State team whose game plan gradually fell apart in the final minutes. Of course, the comeback might not be the story of one the best… » 4/06/13 9:08pm 4/06/13 9:08pm

What Makes Them So Good? A Video Breakdown Of The Final Four Teams

The Final Four play tonight, with Wichita State-Louisville at 6:09 p.m. ET and Syracuse-Michigan following it up at 8:49 p.m. Here, we're breaking down the four teams' special qualities: What should you know about Syracuse's zone? Who's that white guy who hits all the threes for Wichita, and how the hell does he get… » 4/06/13 2:00pm 4/06/13 2:00pm

Wichita State Players Know As Little About Wichita State As You Do

Wichita State: What is it? A university named after a city with a population of less than 400,000—and which isn't even the capital (of Kansas)—Wichita State hasn't enjoyed the surge of interest around the school that accompanied March Madness upstarts like Florida Gulf Coast, or Harvard. Even after the Shockers'… » 4/06/13 12:30pm 4/06/13 12:30pm

Amar'e Stoudemire Generously Donated 1,000 Grim Reminders Of Human…

Amar'e Stoudemire, himself synonymous with scratched retinas, torn-up knees and uninsurable contracts, was emotionally blackmailed this week by a pushy contractor working for the University of Louisville's marketing department, and subsequently donated $2,500 to that department so it could invest in 1,000 "big heads"… » 4/06/13 11:00am 4/06/13 11:00am

Russ Smith's Fourth-Grade Highlight Reel Is Interrupted By A…

There's a lot to like in the recent Daily News profile of Louisville's Russ Smith: An unmistakable product of New York, Smith was raised in East Williamsburg, coached in Queens by the late legend Jack Curran at Archbishop Molloy, played for an AAU team in the Bronx, and came out of the experience brazen, charming and… » 4/06/13 10:15am 4/06/13 10:15am

Michigan Destroys Florida For Final Four Berth

This was an ugly one. Michigan beat Florida 79-59, dominating from cover to cover. Short of a mini-run at the end of the first half, Billy Donovan's squad was out of whack all game. The image above was grabbed from the end of the broadcast but, really, it could have been taken two minutes into the game. » 3/31/13 4:41pm 3/31/13 4:41pm

Here's What Kentucky's Championship Celebration Sounded Like Over The…

If you weren't tuned in to the Lexington Police Department's radio scanner last night, you missed out on a wild world of sports celebrations that ranged from the violent to the perverse. (The #LexingtonPoliceScanner Twitter hashtag alone was trending worldwide, at one point.) We recorded the whole thing, and edited… » 4/03/12 2:31pm 4/03/12 2:31pm

Next Year's NCAA Final Four Will Be Held In Lithuania

The NCAA would have you dismiss all Dumb Jock stereotypes, but the ribbon board tonight announced a far more important notice: next year's Final Four will take place in "Alanta." » 4/03/12 9:00am 4/03/12 9:00am

Commence The Kentucky Fans Shouting Profanities On Live Television

Here's a shot from a few minutes ago on WKYT in Lexington of an ill-advised live shot from the middle of a gathering of Kentucky fans at the corner of Woodland and Euclid, near the UK campus. The horrified reactions of the "hosts" broadcasting from what appears to be an RV in New Orleans makes the clip that much… » 4/03/12 12:41am 4/03/12 12:41am

Congratulations to NCAA Champions Kentucky, Whose Celebration Scared…

Kentucky is your NCAA Division I men's basketball national champion, beating Kansas 67-59. They may or may not blow up Lexington tonight, but it's the explosion of confetti inside the Superdome that has this unidentified radio man concerned. [CBS] » 4/03/12 12:18am 4/03/12 12:18am