A J.P. Morgan Vice President Has Very Specific Tactical Plans For His Rec League Basketball Team

The latest entry in our overwrought emails series comes from the world of high finance... rec-league basketball. A vice president at J.P. Morgan in London is very enthusiastic about the upcoming season. But he's not gonna stand for his players flailing around on the court, like Mike D'Antoni might. No, he wants to… »1/25/12 5:55pm1/25/12 5:55pm

Cristiano Ronaldo Could End Up Being Seized By The European Central Bank

The financial situation in Europe is so screwed up that soccer players are being used as collateral. Bankia, a troubled seven-month-old Spanish banking group, is trying to shore up capital by going public and getting a big loan from the European Central Bank, the EU's equivalent of the Federal Reserve. But the ECB… »7/28/11 1:55pm7/28/11 1:55pm