NFL Fines Cameron Heyward For Eye Black Honoring His Dad Who Died From Cancer

Steelers defensive end Cameron Heyward is the son of Craig “Ironhead” Heyward, a former NFL fullback who died at the age of 39 from brain cancer. To remember his father, Heyward wrote “Iron Head” on his eye black for Monday night’s game against the Chargers. That’s against the league’s uniform policy, so he earned a… »10/14/15 2:04pm10/14/15 2:04pm

Here's The List Of Ridiculous Fines Virginia Tech Football Players Were Subject To

Yesterday, Virginia Tech defensive coordinator Bud Foster told reporters that he and other coaches had a policy of fining players for things like missing practices or meetings. The reason Foster was ever asked about fines in the first place was that a few beat reporters had noticed a screen in the team facility… »8/27/15 3:49pm8/27/15 3:49pm

NFL Fines Pete Carroll, Seahawks For Contact In Offseason Practice

Pete Carroll and the Seahawks will be fined approximately $300,000 for "excessive contact between players during a June 16 practice," according to Chris Mortensen. The team will also lose two minicamp practices next season. Another report said the NFL Players Association looked into a possible violation after a fight… »8/26/14 5:54pm8/26/14 5:54pm

The Brewers Get To Keep Ryan Braun's $3.4 Million

Let's talk silver linings. It is not the worst time for Ryan Braun to be suspended. The Brewers are out of the playoff race, and Braun could use the time to heal up from nagging injuries. Where he really gets hurt, though, is the "unpaid" part of his suspension—millions of dollars, down the drain. But where's it going? »7/23/13 2:41pm7/23/13 2:41pm

NASCAR Fines Denny Hamlin For Criticizing Its New Car Model; Hamlin Simply Says, "I'm Not Going To Pay"

Aside from the terrifying Nationwide wreck and the hype around Danica Patrick's pole, the Daytona 500 was kind of boring. Lots of single file racing, few passes, little excitement. The afternoon saw 28 lead changes among 14 drives, down from 74 and 22 in the same race just two years ago. Worryingly, it was also the… »3/08/13 8:55am3/08/13 8:55am