The Brewers Get To Keep Ryan Braun's $3.4 Million

Let's talk silver linings. It is not the worst time for Ryan Braun to be suspended. The Brewers are out of the playoff race, and Braun could use the time to heal up from nagging injuries. Where he really gets hurt, though, is the "unpaid" part of his suspension—millions of dollars, down the drain. But where's it going? » 7/23/13 2:41pm 7/23/13 2:41pm

NASCAR Fines Denny Hamlin For Criticizing Its New Car Model; Hamlin…

Aside from the terrifying Nationwide wreck and the hype around Danica Patrick's pole, the Daytona 500 was kind of boring. Lots of single file racing, few passes, little excitement. The afternoon saw 28 lead changes among 14 drives, down from 74 and 22 in the same race just two years ago. Worryingly, it was also the… » 3/08/13 8:55am 3/08/13 8:55am

Wow, The NFL Actually Fined A Player For Faking An Injury

Back in Week 7, Emmanuel Sanders had a fortuitously timed cramp. His "injury" saved the Steelers from having to use a timeout or take a delay-of-game penalty. It was fake, and we all knew it was fake, and Sanders knew we knew, but it's not like the league could do anything about it. » 11/09/12 2:30pm 11/09/12 2:30pm

Former Samoan Rugby Manager Fined 100 Pigs For Bad Behavior

Tuala Mathew Vaea, manager of of the Manu Samoa rugby team, has been fined 100 pigs over allegations of bad behavior during the team's disappointing run in the Rugby World Cup. Vaea's hometown village council in Leauva announced the penalty last week. » 11/21/11 6:25pm 11/21/11 6:25pm

Steeler And Raven Unite In Hating On Roger Goodell, Owing Him Money

Steelers and Ravens have few things in common other than a strong desire to hit each other very hard, and not have to pay out of pocket to do so. These can be conflicting desires in a league that glorifies AFC North smashmouth football, yet doles out fines to show they're concerned about player safety. So Ray Lewis is… » 11/09/11 3:10pm 11/09/11 3:10pm

Eagles Lineman Jason Babin Does His Best Complainin' James Harrison…

"Babin, the NFL's sack leader, said he was fined $15,000 for a hit on 49ers quarterback Alex Smith during the Eagles' 24-23 loss Sunday. Babin is playing in the first year of a five-year, $28.325 million contract. 'It's ridiculous,' he said. 'They just arbitrarily go around fining guys for whatever they want. I'd love… » 10/06/11 8:45pm 10/06/11 8:45pm