Let's Watch Some Dudes In Chicago Engage In Roman Candle Warfare

You haven’t lived if you haven’t engaged in the highly dangerous yet thrilling pastime of fighting with fireworks. We mostly used bottle rockets where I come from, but here are some friends (or gang rivals, depending on who you’re asking) on Western Ave. in Chicago using roman candles as the weapon of choice. »6/04/15 12:23am6/04/15 12:23am

Independent League Baseball Team Lights Fireworks Before Game Ends

Last night was supposed to be a special one for the Rockland Boulders. The president of Ramapo College threw out the first pitch, the team cheekily pushed its anti-PED message by dubbing the evening "A Night of Rods" and giving fans free pretzel rods, and the game was to be followed by a fireworks show. That last part… »8/09/13 9:51am8/09/13 9:51am