How To Grill A Whole Fish, Because It's Just The Best Thing To Do

There are many good reasons for grilling whole fish. The skin and bones keep the flesh moist and flavorful; the skin itself, when cooked well, is life-changingly delicious; whole fish stands up better to grilling heat than a fillet or fish steak will; whole fish usually costs less by weight than the portioned stuff;… » 5/16/15 11:41am 5/16/15 11:41am

How To Smoke Salmon: Mystical Alchemy From The Majestic West

Pity the poor East Coast rat racer. Look at him, pouring out of the subway with his sooty, bedraggled kin, lurching through ill-lit corridors, past dripping pipes and glaring widows just missing him with the splash of their chamberpots. There he is, spending $12 on a substandard turkey sub. Here he goes, hat brim… » 3/27/15 2:16pm 3/27/15 2:16pm

How To Sear Some White Fish, Now That You "Care" About Your "Health"

A recurring rite of adulthood, for the harried and haggard and sad, is feeling ugh so terrible all the time, I'm like a sweaty, gross walrus, it hurts when I do things and my chest makes sounds like a dehumidifier, bluhhhhhh, and making a half-assed resolution to start doin' the right things, dammit, start takin'… » 12/06/14 12:52pm 12/06/14 12:52pm

Don Cherry Told A Sad Story About His Goldfish

Don Cherry loves his fish. We know this, because back in January he went on a multi-Tweet rant about the little guys. One of them "[hadn't] been acting right for a month, swimming sideways at the top," and Don was worried. So he "[wondered] if he would like warm water." A little warm water in the tank, and the fish… » 3/12/13 10:08am 3/12/13 10:08am

You Know Spring Training Is Here When You Read Sentences Like "Denard…

There is no baseball, no real, meaningful baseball for another 44 days. But the dead zone of the sports calendar has quickened considerably by the advent of spring training. Camps in Arizona and Florida stir to life, as co-workers who haven't seen each other since September get back together for some stretching. » 2/15/13 3:20pm 2/15/13 3:20pm

Your Worst Nightmare: Shark Tank Breaks, Sharks Flood Mall

This went down in Shanghai last week, at a shopping center that happened to have a decorative aquarium in the lobby. The tank cracked, then shattered, sending water and fish and turtles and three lemon sharks flooding onto visitors. It's like that scene from Jaws 3-D which no one saw so I don't know why I brought it… » 12/26/12 2:35pm 12/26/12 2:35pm

The Marlins Are Testing The Safety Of Their Fish Tank By Throwing…

I love me some animal welfare, but can't get too worked up by the Marlins having a tank filled with live fish embedded in the backstop of the new Marlins Park. For one, fish are dumb. For another, the other option, the ocean, is not exactly a paradise. There are predators and seaquakes and boats and the constant… » 3/14/12 12:35pm 3/14/12 12:35pm

Canucks Fan Throws Large Salmon Onto Ice To Honor Dead Son

There's nothing more tragic in life than an uncompleted mission. So when Roger Paquette, from Nanaimo, BC, attended Saturday's Leafs/Canucks game with a five-pound Chinook salmon strapped to his body, he was only doing what his son never lived to: throw a fish on the ice in the middle of a hockey game. » 2/23/12 10:50am 2/23/12 10:50am