Massachusetts Man Cannot Handle Seeing A Sunfish: "What The Fuck Is That, Kid?" 

At first, it’s reasonable to think that this video’s protagonist, a man from Malden, is laying the Massachusetts accent on a little thick as he reacts to seeing a sunfish in the water. Oh man, Jay, it’s dead, bro, or somethin’! Michael Bergin’s interview with the Boston Globe basically confirms that no, this guy is… »9/23/15 3:12pm9/23/15 3:12pm


An Enormous Marlin Jumped On A Boat And Kenny Loggins Provided The Soundtrack

This could only be a more dangerous zone if the beast in question were a great white shark. So in that respect, the music is entirely appropriate. In all other respects, it is Kenny Loggins. But do watch the video, it is pretty crazy. Captured off Cairns, Australia, the video shows a giant marlin—reportedly 600… »10/21/12 7:06pm10/21/12 7:06pm

Jumping 10-Foot-Long Mako Shark Makes Fishermen Completely Lose Their Shit

Contrary to its name, participants in the Flying Mako fishing tournament don't usually expect to see crazed, flying mako sharks when they try to nab top honors in this strictly catch-and-release contest. However, Alex Beck, Mark Martin, and Keith Langford (the cameraman) captured footage of a 10-foot-long mako shark… »7/27/12 9:15am7/27/12 9:15am

Fishing Writer Submits April Fools' Column Without Telling His Editor, Paper Runs It As Fact

April Fools' Day is a day when internet users need to be especially vigilant. For every creative and well-conceived joke, like Google's 8-bit maps or AdBlock's CatBlock, there are 10 dumb "pranks" that consist of nothing more than "making shit up" and calling it an April Fool's Day joke. They're not funny, they're… »4/02/12 10:35am4/02/12 10:35am

Miami Bankers Catch Half-Ton Mako, Talk About How Awesome They Are

Says one tie-sporting member of the Ocean Bank team that set out on a boat competing in an FIU alumni fishing tournament off the Florida Keys, "I don't have to watch 'Jaws' anymore, I lived it." That means the deaths of numerous tourists, Richard Dreyfuss and the manipulation of a gun and pressurized Scuba tank are… »6/25/11 3:15pm6/25/11 3:15pm