FIU Changes Mind, Will Credential Miami Herald Beat Writer

The Miami Herald reports today that FIU will credential the paper's beat writer, David J. Neal, for the rest of the season—less than a week after the same university refused to credential Neal for the team's home opener. » 9/02/14 7:07pm 9/02/14 7:07pm

FIU Refuses To Credential Miami Herald Beat Writer For Season Opener

FIU is one of the most poorly run athletic departments in the country, so any of their fuckbaggery should come as no surprise. In this latest installment, the school is refusing to credential Miami Herald veteran David J. Neal for the football team's home opener. » 8/30/14 3:55pm 8/30/14 3:55pm

FIU Is Getting A New Court, And It Could Go Horribly Wrong

Florida International hired a new coach this season, a Pitino, and is joining Conference USA in the fall. To go along with the program overhaul, their court will be getting a makeover. These are two of the prospective designs. Maybe Tommy Bahama can get in on a sponsorship deal. » 3/21/13 4:17pm 3/21/13 4:17pm