FSU Sorority Girl Burns Everyone On Flag Football Touchdown

Delta Gamma's Michelle Roque channeled her inner LaDainian Tomlinson and toasted four defenders in a flag football game at Florida State. As a former flag football ref (for one semester), I can determine she did not use her hands to prevent any defender from grabbing one of her flags, so her moves are legal. That's… »11/07/14 1:03pm11/07/14 1:03pm


Youth Flag Football Admin Claims Commish Spent League Fees On "Pussy"

Below you'll find an email from one of the administrators of an Atlanta-area youth flag football league sponsored by the NFL. Sent to a number of league parents, it contains a whole host of bizarre accusations against the commissioner. One of those parents shared it with us. Now we share it with you. »6/03/14 4:48pm6/03/14 4:48pm

Frat Bro's Amazing Pregame Speech Gets The Any Given Sunday Treatment

Yesterday, we brought you a video clip of one of the frattiest bros we've ever seen firing up his brothers with a passionate and profane speech before a flag football game. Today, we bring you the work of reader Kevin, who is a hero. Kevin decided to take the music from the end of Al Pacino's famous speech at the end »9/25/13 8:41am9/25/13 8:41am

LeBron James Mimics Stevie Johnson Mimicking Plaxico Burress In Flag Football TD Celebration

LeBron James and Kevin Durant played flag football at the University of Akron last night for "LeBron's Flag Football Classic." There are plenty of highlights available on the YouTubes, if you're interested, but since we no longer have to pretend to entertain the question of LeBron playing football during the NBA… »12/01/11 10:35am12/01/11 10:35am

Surly Flag Football Coach Needs Team To Learn How To "Grab A Fucking Flag And Pull It Off." STAT

I can't get enough of the unhinged fuckery that exists in adult recreational sports. Like this flag football coach, who has had it with his team's uninspired performances right before the playoffs. That can't happen if you play for this coach (of flag football) if you want to be champions (of flag football) and you… »4/14/11 6:35pm4/14/11 6:35pm

The National Anthem? Josh Howard 'Doesn't Celebrate That S***'

Mark Cuban may want to huddle up with Josh Howard at some point and explain the implications of talking on camera in the YouTube generation. The scene is the Allen Iverson Celebrity Summer Classic flag football game »9/16/08 10:15am9/16/08 10:15am this past July, featuring all of your favorite celebrities; DeAngelo Hall, Larry Johnson, Nate…