What Is A Chop Block, Anyway, And Why Was Last Night's Call Against Seattle A Bad One?

Barry wrote earlier about the safety Niners coach Jim Harbaugh declined in last night's game. The safety would have made the score 15-6 rather than 13-6, and would have pleased those who wagered on the Niners (who were -7 at most books) and vexed those who wagered on the Seahawks. Barry also noted (correctly) that… »10/19/12 1:00pm10/19/12 1:00pm

By One Measure, The Saints Were The Most Violent Team In 2011

Reuters has crunched some numbers, and come up with one way to measure just how aggressive the Saints defense was in 2011, a year played under their bounty system. By taking the number of total penalties and identifying the percentage of "violent penalties"—that is, unnecessary roughness, chop blocks, late hits;… »3/29/12 10:35am3/29/12 10:35am