Timberwolves Play Heartrending Tribute To Flip Saunders Before Home Opener

The Minnesota Timberwolves host their first home game of the season tonight, and beforehand played a long and heartfelt tribute to Flip Saunders, who died of Hodgkin’s lymphoma a week ago. Saunders was the Timberwolves’ coach and president of basketball operations, but to residents of Minnesota, Flip was so much more,… »11/02/15 8:37pm11/02/15 8:37pm


Kevin Garnett Walked Out Of Practice To Sit In Flip Saunders's Parking Spot

Flip Saunders helped Kevin Garnett as he turned into a dominant NBA player. Their reign on the Timberwolves was the most successful in the team’s short history, and Garnett waived his no-trade clause in February to reunite with Saunders and help the new, young foundation in Minnesota. When Saunders died on Sunday,… »10/26/15 3:42pm10/26/15 3:42pm

Flip Saunders Will Not Return To The Wolves This Season

Flip Saunders was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma in August, but at the time, he and the team were confident that he’d be able to continue with his duties as coach and president while undergoing treatment. Then, in September, he was hospitalized after a setback and took a leave of absence. Reports came out earlier… »10/24/15 11:51am10/24/15 11:51am

It Doesn't Sound Like Flip Saunders's Fight Against Cancer Is Going Well

In August the Timberwolves announced that head coach/president of basketball operations Flip Saunders had been diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma, but planned to continue coaching. After he suffered a setback that plan became unworkable, and three weeks ago Saunders took a leave of absence from the team. »10/01/15 9:05pm10/01/15 9:05pm

Flip Saunders Thinks The Big Balls Dance Cost His Team A Championship

After T-Wolves shooting guard Kevin Martin earned himself a $15,000 fine on Monday for doing the Big Balls Dance, a reporter asked Minnesota head coach Flip Saunders what he thought about Martin's display of testicle-based showmanship. Turns out, Flip Saunders is haunted by the Big Balls Dance, because he believes it… »11/04/14 4:42pm11/04/14 4:42pm