Reporter Captures The Fleeting Glory Of Youth In One Spring Break Photo

Some Alabama students and football players traveled to Florida for their spring break, as many college students do. While posing for a reporter's photos, this well-hydrated motley crew—from the University of Arkansas—posed with their hands, cups, and cigs. One girl in the middle of the photo took it further than that. » 3/27/14 10:00pm 3/27/14 10:00pm

Chick-fil-A Almost Had Its Own Football Stadium to Not Be Gay In

Pity the suburban commuter school that goes belly-up trying to spend its way to college-football greatness, then looks to cover its bet with shady stadium-naming rights. Pity the Florida Atlantic University Owls. » 4/23/13 11:29am 4/23/13 11:29am

Those Plucky FGCU Basketball Players Live On An Actual Beach

You may think "Hollywood Upstairs Medical College" or "Ponzi scheme" when you hear "Florida Gulf Coast University," but that's not fair: FGCU—which looks like what you see above—is very much a real place, with documented students, and classes, and dorms and stuff. Indeed, that picture, provided by Chase Fieler (this guy) to » 3/23/13 11:00am 3/23/13 11:00am

Carlton Fisk's Home Robbed Of Thousands Of Dollars In Collectible Coins;…

Burglars broke into Carlton Fisk's home in Manatee, FL yesterday, according to a lengthy report in the Sarasota Herald-Tribune. Despite the presence of valuable baseball memorabilia and, presumably, electronics, jewelry and other frequently pilfered items, the burglars took only one thing: » 12/22/12 4:55pm 12/22/12 4:55pm

Florida Senator And Likely Presidential Candidate Marco Rubio Spends…

Marco Rubio, according to an article published yesterday in the New York Times, is a diehard Dolphins fan and a massive football fan in general: His father used to motivate him to keep wearing his leg braces, there to correct a knee problem, by giving him pep talks in the voice of Don Shula ("I always wondered why… » 12/22/12 1:35pm 12/22/12 1:35pm

Jaguars Fans Will Show Up In Droves To Watch Tebow, Who Is A Game-Time …

Crashing disappointment, banal mediocrity and immense, unfounded hype align this week to make for an extremely sad pre-game note for what is sure to be either a deflating exercise in late season NFL triviality this Sunday or a hilarious exercise in late season NFL triviality this Sunday: Because of Tim Tebow—a player… » 12/08/12 4:15pm 12/08/12 4:15pm

Alabama Barely Beats Georgia For SEC Title, Right To Demolish Irish In …

Your national title game will be SEC semifinal champion Alabama against Notre Dame, which in a just alternate universe just got piss-pounded by Ohio State in the Big Ten title game and ceded its title game slot to Florida. In this universe, though, Notre Dame spent the afternoon licking its chops as Alabama and Georgia … » 12/01/12 8:39pm 12/01/12 8:39pm

Football Recruit Attempts To Jump Over Moving Car, Breaks Arm And Leg

Bladimir Barreto, a 19 year-old from Palm Bay, Fla., was seriously injured when he tried to jump over a moving car while making a video to send to NCAA football recruiters. Barreto attempted to clear a Honda Accord driven by his brother, and was sent hurtling through the air when he failed to clear the oncoming car.… » 10/26/12 1:35pm 10/26/12 1:35pm