Because Any Time You Beat The 63rd Best Team In College Basketball, You Have To Rush The Court

George Mason had a miracle tourney run six seasons ago, didn't receive a single vote in this week's AP Top 25, and are ranked 63rd in KenPom's ratings. Florida Atlantic students apparently didn't get the memo, and stormed the court after their overtime win over the Patriots this weekend. Because you may never get… »11/22/11 2:30pm11/22/11 2:30pm

Florida Atlantic Is Used To Sticking It To Tennessee Schools

Knowing that Howard Schnellenberger built Florida Atlantic's football program using nothing but MacGyver-approved ingredients in a seven-year span, last night's victory over Memphis in the New Orleans Bowl is an extremely uplifting story. They really came out of nowhere to steal the title of Best Upstart South… »12/22/07 12:50pm12/22/07 12:50pm