Good Lord, These FIU Fans Are Drunk

ESPN has a Beef 'O'Brady's Bowl crowd mic in the middle of a section of enthusiastic FIU fans. Here's that audio channel isolated during a controversial spot in the second half of a tied football game. Eventually the fans stop using language entirely and start communicating in grunts. [ESPN] » 12/20/11 10:51pm 12/20/11 10:51pm

Sportswriter Fired For Being A Homer Takes Job With Favorite Team

Remember Pete Pelegrin, the Miami Herald's FIU beat writer (and "FIU evangelist," in the words of a coworker) who publicly and spectacularly quit the paper because they were giving Miami more coverage? He's now working for FIU. Synergy! » 8/31/10 12:50pm 8/31/10 12:50pm

Sportswriter Publicly Quits, Salts The Earth In His Wake

The Miami Herald's FIU beat writer figured out that his paper and his city (to say nothing of the world) care a hell of a lot more about The U than they do FIU. His scathing letter of resignation pulled no punches. » 7/23/10 12:00pm 7/23/10 12:00pm

How Is The Isiah Thomas Era Working Out For Florida International?

Not well: The Golden Panthers are 7-19 and "have sold a total of 1,075 individual tickets for nine home games." At least freshman Steven Miro—who turned down Columbia and Harvard to play for Thomas (seriously!)—is happy. » 2/09/10 5:25pm 2/09/10 5:25pm

Isiah Thomas Can't Even Lose Properly

You'd think that someone with as rich and variegated a history of failure as Isiah Thomas would have the etiquette of losing down pat. But we are speaking of Isiah Thomas here. The man is a failure even at failure. » 11/16/09 5:30pm 11/16/09 5:30pm

Isiah Thomas Continues His Formula For Success

Florida International begins its march to the upper echelon of D-I basketball by playing its first exhibition game under their new head coach....and losing to an NAIA school coached by Rollie Massimino. Exactly as planned. [AP/SB/RTC] » 11/05/09 10:30am 11/05/09 10:30am

FIU To Boycott Cancer Benefit Unless They Don't Have To Play Mean Old…

I believe Oddjack would have set the odds of Isiah Thomas causing controversy at Florida International at 0.5 games into his college coaching career. If you took the under, you are a winner. » 8/25/09 11:30pm 8/25/09 11:30pm

Isiah Thomas Gets Right To Work Crushing Young Men's Dreams

High school forward Chris Rozier was set to sign up with Florida International's basketball program until a change came in the coaching staff. That new coach's first order of business? Withdrawing Rozier scholarship offer. » 4/26/09 1:30pm 4/26/09 1:30pm

Isiah Thomas Is Florida International's Problem Now

Florida International stinks at basketball, so I guess they figured—if we're going to stink we might as well leave a spectacular stench all over the basketball world. That's the only explanation for hiring Isiah Thomas. » 4/14/09 5:00pm 4/14/09 5:00pm

Isiah Thomas Is Never Going Away

Rumor has it that Florida International wants to has hired organizational wunderkind Isiah Thomas to be their new head basketball coach. Unbelievable. I guess FIU doesn't have a history department. [ESPN] » 4/14/09 9:30am 4/14/09 9:30am

At Last, Ned Has His Opportunity At Revenge

Sure, you can talk all you want about Michigan-Notre Dame — and the apparent curse of Bo Schembechler — but the real story this weekend is what's happening at the Orange Bowl on Saturday. That's right: It's the return of Ned! » 9/12/07 6:35pm 9/12/07 6:35pm

Back To You In The Booth, Lamar

So it may not come as a surprise to anyone that more suspensions have come down following the steel cage match between the University of Miami and Florida International football teams on Saturday. A total of 31 players have been dinged — and must sit out their respective games this weekend — 18 from FIU, and 13… » 10/16/06 12:45pm 10/16/06 12:45pm