Miami Marlins Dump Longtime TV Analyst Tommy Hutton

Tommy Hutton, the former major leaguer who has been the Marlins TV analyst since 1997, was kicked to the curb today, according to Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald. Jackson, who called Hutton “the best TV analyst in South Florida,” reports that according to Hutton, the Marlins gave him no reason for not renewing his… »Monday 8:14pm11/23/15 8:14pm


That Damn Marlins Fan Was Behind The Plate Again Last Night At The World Series

Perhaps you noticed a douchey-looking gent behind home plate during NLCS Game 7, wearing a bright orange Marlins jersey and Marlins visor worn sideways. If not, you definitely saw him in the same seat tonight, still wearing the Marlins shirt though in a panda hat (that he later changed to a different panda hat). »10/25/12 9:00am10/25/12 9:00am

The Washington Nationals Are Shutting Down Stephen Strasburg A Little Earlier Than Expected

They are flipping the switch as we speak. Strasburg is 15-6 with a 3.14 ERA, and will finish with those numbers. Strasburg was hit pretty solidly by the Marlins last night (the Nationals lost 9-7 in 10 innings), and today, manager Davey Johnson told the media it would be Strasburg's final start of the season. »9/08/12 1:05pm9/08/12 1:05pm

Hanley Ramirez Does Most Hanley Ramirez Thing Ever, Takes A 30.3 Second Home Run Trot

According to Baseball Prospectus, which is home to the wonderful Tater Trot Tracker, Marlins third baseman Hanley Ramirez—no stranger to taking his time on the diamond—took one of the longest home run trots in history on July 1st. It took Ramirez 30.3 seconds to make it around the bases, which is only the second… »7/04/12 2:12pm7/04/12 2:12pm

Dontrelle Willis Retires. Mark Prior Tries To Make A Comeback. Baseball Remains A Sadistic Bastard.

Dontrelle Willis retired on Monday at the age of 30, bringing to an end one of the most baffling baseball careers of the past decade. The day before, Mark Prior, nursing an oblique strain, threw a bullpen session for the Pawtucket Red Sox. He hadn't pitched in a game since June 21, when he scuffled through an inning… »7/03/12 2:45pm7/03/12 2:45pm

The D Train Doesn't Stop Here Anymore: Farewell, Dontrelle Willis, Crazy-Armed Everyman

The pitchers who wow us these days don't remind us of anything familiar. Most of MLB's sharpest aces—Justin Verlander, Jered Weaver, Roy Halladay, Clayton Kershaw, and C.C. Sabathia—were first-round picks, blessed with a freakish ability to throw much harder than their competitors, and groomed for many years by the… »3/19/12 12:45pm3/19/12 12:45pm

Ozzie Guillen Will Appear On Baseball Tonight Throughout The World Series

It dawns on me that we could play a game with two tentpoles of recent Chicago White Sox squads. We'll call the game "Guillen OR Pierzynski." Said the White Sox drink rally beer during games to get themselves going? (Pierzynski.) Went on a profane tirade after the White Sox lost to Bruce fucking Chen? (Guillen.) Got… »10/17/11 1:05pm10/17/11 1:05pm

When Jack McKeon Managed Beer-And-Chicken-Lovin' Josh Beckett In Florida, He Locked The Clubhouse During Games

The Boston Globe story on the Red Sox's September collapse included a lot of semidamning revelations, among them that starters John Lackey, Josh Beckett, and Jon Lester ate fried chicken and drank beer while playing video games in the clubhouse during Sox games. Quelle dommage! Apparently Terry Francona lost control… »10/12/11 8:15pm10/12/11 8:15pm

The Marlins' New Ballpark Will Have A Light-Up Neon Home Run Structure That Will Blow Your Mind

The prevailing memory I have of the first major league baseball game I ever went to—a Sox game at Fenway in '94 or '95—is that our seats, which were not good seats at all, were in front of Boston's self-proclaimed "ex-wives club." This was exactly what it sounds like: a group of women who had formerly been married… »10/07/11 3:30pm10/07/11 3:30pm

Yes, The Marlins Let "Leo Nunez" Play For Several Months Even Though They Knew He Forged His Identity

"A person familiar with Nunez's immigration status told The Associated Press on Thursday that his real name is Juan Carlos Oviedo, and he's 29, a year older than listed in the team media guide. The person also said the Marlins have been aware of the issue for several months." [AP, via ESPN] »9/23/11 5:50pm9/23/11 5:50pm