FSU's Xavier Rathan-Mayes Scores 30 Points In A Five-Minute Stretch

Wednesday night, for about five minutes, FSU guard Xavier Rathan-Mayes was unstoppable. He kept hitting buckets against Miami; at one point, he had 26 straight points without missing a shot. » 2/26/15 2:10pm 2/26/15 2:10pm

FSU's Phil Cofer Posterizes Jahlil Okafor

Duke's Jahlil Okafor may be a candidate for player of the year, but Florida State's Phil Cofer just made him look ridiculous. The Blue Devils have come our poorly so far tonight in Tallahassee, for sure. » 2/09/15 7:24pm 2/09/15 7:24pm

11 Sports GIFs That Will Restore Your Faith In Humanity

With terrorist attacks in the U.S. and France, a man throwing his five-year-old daughter off a bridge to her death, and more alleged Bill Cosby victims, it's tough to have a positive outlook on the world at large. As a public service, then, we searched to find eleven GIFs that will restore your faith in humanity.… » 1/08/15 1:30pm 1/08/15 1:30pm

Jameis Winston Accuser Files Title IX Lawsuit Against FSU

The woman who accused Jameis Winston of raping her on Dec. 7, 2012, has filed a federal Title IX lawsuit against Florida State University, accusing the school's administration of failing to obey federal Title IX laws upon becoming aware of the rape allegation. » 1/07/15 3:06pm 1/07/15 3:06pm

Report: Jameis Winston Is Going Pro

After initially saying that his son was going to wait until after the national championship game to decide whether he was going pro, Jameis Winston's father has now told the media that Jameis will be entering the upcoming NFL Draft. » 1/07/15 10:07am 1/07/15 10:07am

FSU Linebacker: Players Returned Home To Find Cars Keyed, Tires Slashed

A Florida State linebacker said tonight that players returned to Tallahassee after yesterday's Rose Bowl blowout to find their cars keyed and tires slashed: » 1/02/15 10:32pm 1/02/15 10:32pm

Oregon's Blowout Rose Bowl Win Over FSU As Called By "J.R." Jim Ross

Oregon Players Taunt Jameis Winston With "No Means No" Tomahawk Chop

Oregon mollywhopped Florida State by 39 to advance to the college football championship game, and while accepting the Rose Bowl trophy they decided to rub it in a little. Take one part rape allegations and one part ubiquitous chant, and you have this Vine of Oregon players taunting Jameis Winston and FSU with a "no… » 1/01/15 9:56pm 1/01/15 9:56pm

Jimbo Fisher Threatens To Bench Jameis Winston

Florida State is imploding against Oregon right now, and the frustration is spilling over to the sidelines. In this video, it appears Jimbo Fisher is telling Jameis Winston, "If you don't calm the fuck down, you're going to the bench." » 1/01/15 8:18pm 1/01/15 8:18pm

Jameis Winston Falls Down, Throws Ball Backward, Gives Up Touchdown

Florida State is now down 45-20 to Oregon after Jameis Winston performed one of the most glorious and hilarious plays in college football history. The play features a referee eating it, too! The New York Jets only wish they could execute this perfectly. Here's how it sounded on ESPN Deportes: » 1/01/15 8:06pm 1/01/15 8:06pm

Your 2015 College Football Playoff Cheat Sheet

College football begins a new era today. After years of frustration with the Bowl Championship Series, there's finally a playoff to crown a national champion. If you haven't followed the season closely to this point but want to follow along, here's a quick rundown of what you should know about each team, and their… » 1/01/15 10:00am 1/01/15 10:00am

So What Happened With The FSU Player And The Crack-Smoking Prostitute?

On Christmas Eve, while most of America was indulging in Christmas carols, bad bowl games, and General Tso's chicken, Tallahassee police released information on two investigations involving Florida State athletes. That seemed to all but ensure that nobody would actually read them, so I'm revisiting those cases… » 12/29/14 3:18pm 12/29/14 3:18pm

Tallahassee Police To ESPN: Go Fuck Yourselves

It's Christmas Eve, which means it's the perfect time to dump a nasty story you hope the media will ignore! And that's exactly what Tallahassee police did today while flipping two big ol' birds at ESPN. » 12/24/14 7:13pm 12/24/14 7:13pm

Jameis Winston did not violate FSU's code of conduct in relation to the alleged sexual assault of a female student in Dec. 2012, according to today's decision from retired Florida Supreme Court justice Major Harding. The deadline to appeal the decision is Jan. 13. [USA Today] » 12/21/14 5:09pm 12/21/14 5:09pm

Alabama, Oregon, FSU, And Ohio State Make College Football Playoff

Your college football playoff selections are here, and Alabama, Oregon, Florida State, and Ohio State will face off to decide this season's national champion. » 12/07/14 12:30pm 12/07/14 12:30pm

Josh Levin looks at the inaccurate rage of #FSUTwitter, and compares it to another subculture that was concerned about ethics in journalism. The money quote: "Here's what #FSUTwitter doesn't seem to understand: If you believe that Winston is innocent, then you should be mad as hell about the slow, incompetent response… » 12/07/14 10:47am 12/07/14 10:47am