Former FSU Official: Football Players Receive Special Treatment As Dozens Accused Of Sexual Assault Or Domestic Violence

The former Florida State administrator in charge of the university’s Victim Advocate Office until this past August testified that over nine years, around 40 football players were accused of intimate partner violence or sexual assault, according to court testimony released Wednesday. »Yesterday 12:30am11/26/15 12:30am


Jameis Winston Is Threatening To Sue CNN To Prevent Airing Of College Rape Documentary

Sexual assault on college campuses is a major problem, and several high profile cases have brought national attention to the crisis and its accompanying administrative cover ups. Not only is on-campus sexual assault widespread—according to a study, 1 in 4 college women will be a victim of a sexual assault—but it’s… »11/21/15 10:47am11/21/15 10:47am

Florida State RB Dalvin Cook Found Not Guilty Of Misdemeanor Battery

Florida State RB Dalvin Cook, who was accused of punching a woman at a Tallahassee bar in June, has been found not guilty of misdemeanor battery by a Florida jury. Cook is currently suspended from the 10th-ranked Seminoles, but presumably will be reinstated to the team. »8/24/15 8:59pm8/24/15 8:59pm

Deadspin 25: Florida State Is Still Pretty Good, Unfortunately

Welcome to the Deadspin 25, a college football poll that strives to be more democratic and less useless than every other preseason poll. Leading up to the college football season kickoff, we will give you previews of the 25 teams that you, the readers, voted to be most worthy of writing about. Now, No. 9 Florida State.
»8/24/15 6:30pm8/24/15 6:30pm

Florida State Takes Team Photos With, Without Dalvin Cook

Florida State football held their media day this morning, which included a pair of team photographs, one with and one without sophomore running back Dalvin Cook. Cook was suspended indefinitely on July 10 when he was charged with battery after allegedly punching a woman in the face several times. His next court date… »8/09/15 2:05pm8/09/15 2:05pm

FSU's Dalvin Cook Will Be Charged With Battery [UPDATE]

A second Florida State player has been accused of hitting a woman at a Tallahassee bar. This time, it’s running back Dalvin Cook, who just a few days ago was named to the watch list for the Maxwell Award for the nation’s top player. According to police records, this incident happened on June 23, one day before… »7/10/15 4:04pm7/10/15 4:04pm

De'Andre Johnson's Lawyer: Woman Who Was Punched Used Racial Slur

Florida State dismissed quarterback De’Andre Johnson yesterday after video from a Tallahassee bar showed why he was arrested in June for battery. Johnson’s lawyer Jose Baez is now attempting to do damage control, calling the punch an “experience” and also claiming that the woman used a racial slur towards Johnson. »7/07/15 4:09pm7/07/15 4:09pm

Video Shows FSU QB De'Andre Johnson Punching Woman In Face At Bar

Police charged Florida State quarterback De’Andre Johnson with battery last month after he allegedly punched a woman in the face at a Tallahassee bar. Legally, it’s still “alleged,” but today the state attorney’s office released a portion of the surveillance footage. It does indeed appear to show Johnson punching a… »7/06/15 2:50pm7/06/15 2:50pm

OTL Report: How College Athletes Avoid Criminal Charges

College athletes at major schools across the country often avoid charges in criminal cases. They have access to high-profile lawyers; the athletic departments play major roles in the investigations; and witnesses are intimidated, indirectly or otherwise, according to an investigative report by ESPN’s Outside the Lines. »6/14/15 11:55am6/14/15 11:55am

Jameis Winston Goes After Accuser In Vicious Countersuit

Jameis Winston’s legal team has filed their response to Erica Kinsman’s civil lawsuit, which accused him of sexual battery, assault, false imprisonment and “intentional infliction of emotional distress arising out of forcible rape.” Winston is denying the rape and all of Kinsman’s claims, which was expected. But this… »5/11/15 6:00pm5/11/15 6:00pm

Jameis Winston Sued Over Sexual Assault Allegation

Erica Kinsman, who accuses Jameis Winston of raping her in 2012, has followed up her Title IX lawsuit against FSU with a lawsuit against Winston himself—reportedly accusing the Heisman-winning quarterback of sexual battery, assault, false imprisonment and “intentional infliction of emotional distress arising out of… »4/16/15 5:04pm4/16/15 5:04pm

P.J. Williams To Cop In DUI Arrest: I Played For FSU And Wanna Go Home

Police arrested P.J. Williams today and charged the former Florida State cornerback with one count of driving under the influence. Williams has declared for the upcoming NFL draft and, until today’s news, expected to be selected in an early round. You might also remember him from his starring role in an extensive New… »4/03/15 7:47pm4/03/15 7:47pm