Lance Armstrong: The USPS Team Should Have Known I Was Doping

Lance Armstrong is facing a lawsuit claiming he defrauded team sponsor US Postal Service out of millions of dollars. Armstrong's lawyers have fired back, claiming the government shouldn't collect because it should have seen all those media reports about Armstrong doping. » 7/24/13 2:33pm 7/24/13 2:33pm

A Curious List Of Things That Floyd Landis Is Not Allowed To Say About…

Pat McQuaid, former president of the Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI), has long been at odds with disgraced cyclist Floyd Landis. Recently, McQuaid filed a proceeding against Landis in a low-level Swiss court. The court ruled in McQuaid's favor, and Landis was given a list of things that he, according to the Swiss… » 1/25/13 6:27pm 1/25/13 6:27pm

Read Floyd Landis's Lawsuit Againt Lance Armstrong, Which The…

There's no love lost between Floyd Landis and Lance Armstrong, two of America's greatest cyclists with a combined zero Tour de France wins between them. After Landis was nailed for synthetic testosterone use and stripped of his trophies, he turned informer—he made public claims about Armstrong's and the USPS team's… » 1/17/13 10:10am 1/17/13 10:10am

The Lance Armstrong Redemption Tour Is Hitting Some Hurdles

According to The Wall Street Journal, Justice Department officials have recommended joining Floyd Landis's federal whistleblower suit against Armstrong in which he alleges Armstrong, among others, defrauded the federal government in accepting money while engaging in "sophisticated doping ring." » 1/15/13 12:46am 1/15/13 12:46am

Floyd Landis Is Sparring With Lance Armstrong Under A Strange Twitter…

Outside magazine has the story of temporary 2006 Tour de France champion Floyd Landis and his anti-Lance-Armstrong Tweeting collective. Right now, they're holding court at @GreyManrod. » 6/27/11 3:25pm 6/27/11 3:25pm

Solving The Mystery of the $5 Floyd Landis Yard Sale Bike

We know a Kentucky man paid just $5 for Landis's road-used custom mountain bike, at the World Longest Yard Sale. But how did it get there? It literally fell off the back of a truck. We heard from the guys driving. » 8/16/10 2:00pm 8/16/10 2:00pm

Doping Allegations Send Lance Armstrong('s Bike) Into Tailspin

Lance Armstrong says he has "nothing to hide" and that Floyd Landis' doping accusations are "sad." Then he promptly crashed his bike during the Tour of California. Coincidence? (Yeah, probably. It happens all the time.) [ESPN/Yahoo; Photo: AP] » 5/20/10 9:30pm 5/20/10 9:30pm

Last Night's Winner: Fans Of Fingering

In sports everyone's a winner — some win better than others, like every headline writer who's dreamed of using the verb "finger." Last night was a flat-out finger blast for those folks. » 5/20/10 11:20am 5/20/10 11:20am

Floyd Landis Admits To Blood Doping, Claims Lance Armstrong Did It Too

Despite years of denials, disgraced Tour de France winner Floyd Landis is spilling his guts about his career-long use of blood doping and performance-enhancing drugs—and claiming that Lance Armstrong taught him how to do it. » 5/20/10 3:45am 5/20/10 3:45am

Floyd Landis Wanted For Computer Hacking. Really.

Remember when Floyd Landis didn't really win the Tour de France because of his iron-rich blood or something? France sure does and now they think he might have broken into the computer system that held his test results. » 2/15/10 1:40pm 2/15/10 1:40pm

Your New 2006 Tour de France champion? Not Quite Yet, Oscar

Wait, just hold everything here. The Nation of France, postponing a major confrontation? That's odd. The air was thick with nervous anticipation (and, of course, fermented cheese) today as that country's national doping agency was expected to rule on Floyd Landis and the Urine Sample of Mystery. Black smoke from the… » 2/08/07 12:45pm 2/08/07 12:45pm

Apparently, There Are Blood Dopers In Cycling

So you know how Floyd Landis was tested positive for doping — kind of — after the Tour de France and they're probably going to give his title to the second place finisher? Well, turns out, that's probably not going to work either. » 1/19/07 12:45pm 1/19/07 12:45pm

The B Sample Cannot Save Floyd

Floyd Landis's fall from grace appears to be complete. They finally got around to testing his B sample this morning, and - surprise, surprise - it was as tainted as a Paris Hilton pap smear. It's a little sad, but to be honest, it's probably more fun for American sports fans to have another doper to make fun of than… » 8/05/06 2:55pm 8/05/06 2:55pm

Not Looking Good For Mr. Landis

For those still holding out hope that Tour de France winner Floyd Landis is truly the nice Mennonite boy who feel victim to an unfortunate, accidental circumstance involving testosterone on Jack Daniels, The New York Times has some bad news today. » 8/01/06 12:15pm 8/01/06 12:15pm

This Type Of Blood Doping, We Can Get Behind

So Tour de France winner / testosterone ratio out-of-whacker Floyd Landis called a press conference today to defend himself against the charge of elevating his testosterone. His explanation, as far as we're concerned, is brilliant. » 7/28/06 4:00pm 7/28/06 4:00pm

Floyd Landis Has Had A Bad Day

On what is obviously already the most difficult day of his professional life, it must be nice for cyclist Floyd Landis to know that the people closest to him in his life totally have his back. » 7/27/06 5:00pm 7/27/06 5:00pm

Floyd Landis About To Become Decidedly Less Popular

There have been tons of rumors circulating around Tour de France champion Floyd Landis, who has gone missing from two races he was scheduled for this week. No one can get a hold of him, and race organizers were "annoyed." » 7/27/06 11:30am 7/27/06 11:30am

Floyd Cruises

It was Floyd Landis, as expected, rolling to victory in the Tour de France. Thor Hushovd won the final stage, which earns him not much more than a hearty pat on the back. It's Floyd who will sip the victory champagne, maybe for the first time in his life. That's a guess. Floyd just looks like a guy who, at any point… » 7/23/06 1:56pm 7/23/06 1:56pm