A Curious List Of Things That Floyd Landis Is Not Allowed To Say About Pat McQuaid

Pat McQuaid, former president of the Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI), has long been at odds with disgraced cyclist Floyd Landis. Recently, McQuaid filed a proceeding against Landis in a low-level Swiss court. The court ruled in McQuaid's favor, and Landis was given a list of things that he, according to the Swiss… »1/25/13 6:27pm1/25/13 6:27pm

Read Floyd Landis's Lawsuit Againt Lance Armstrong, Which The Government Could Join Any Day

There's no love lost between Floyd Landis and Lance Armstrong, two of America's greatest cyclists with a combined zero Tour de France wins between them. After Landis was nailed for synthetic testosterone use and stripped of his trophies, he turned informer—he made public claims about Armstrong's and the USPS team's… »1/17/13 10:10am1/17/13 10:10am

Your New 2006 Tour de France champion? Not Quite Yet, Oscar

Wait, just hold everything here. The Nation of France, postponing a major confrontation? That's odd. The air was thick with nervous anticipation (and, of course, fermented cheese) today as that country's national doping agency was expected to rule on Floyd Landis and the Urine Sample of Mystery. Black smoke from the… »2/08/07 12:45pm2/08/07 12:45pm