Robert Flores Plugs His Own Idea For An ESPN Quiz Show

No word yet on when it will air, but good on Flores for having a sense of humor about it. If we're really lucky, Andy Katz will be able to provide some colorful commentary. » 8/16/12 8:20pm 8/16/12 8:20pm

Stephen Bardo Saw The King's Speech But Clearly Didn't Pay Much…

ESPN basketball analyst Stephen Bardo tried to link the story of Missouri basketball star Kim English—who battled a speech impediment—to last year's Academy Award-winning film The King's Speech, but got a few details wrong. Like, for example, that a king was involved. » 1/14/12 3:24pm 1/14/12 3:24pm

John Buccigross' "Whore" Problem

On yesterday's SportsCenter, anchor John Buccigross—most likely reading from Elin Nordegren's statement—said, "It was a real marriage for whore." What a jagoff. » 8/26/10 12:20pm 8/26/10 12:20pm

ESPN Anchor Commits Gaffe. Oh, And He Calls Citi Field "Shitty Field,"…

Following a look-in to whatever it is that A-Rod was doing, Anish Shroff flubbed sending it back to the announcers at the Mets game, saying, "Let's get you back out to Shitty Field as the Mets threaten [sic] the 8th." How embarrassing! » 7/29/10 1:55pm 7/29/10 1:55pm

The Tiger Woods Injury-Condition Flub You've Been Waiting For All Day

Tiger Woods' bulging disc has forced him to exit The Players Championship and occasioned a Freudian moment from one unfortunate Golf Channel reporter, who called the injury a "bulging dick." H/T Michael. » 5/09/10 3:20pm 5/09/10 3:20pm