If Hasheem Thabeet Sits Behind You In Coach, Don't Recline Your Seat [Update: Not Him]

Update, Aug. 29: Hasheem Thabeet's publicist has reached out to say that couldn't be Thabeet in the photos below, as he didn't fly to Philadelphia in the timeframe in question (and doesn't own Beats headphone). Sorry folks. But still: don't recline your seat if there's a really tall person behind you, even if they… »8/27/14 10:46am8/27/14 10:46am

Airport Workers In Atlanta Apparently Egged The New Orleans Saints After They Landed

We can all agree that Atlanta's Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport is the worst in the United States? Like, way worse than O'Hare or Newark, right? Nevertheless, this story that originated with New Orleans Saints backup quarterback Chase Daniel clearly shows that flying into Atlanta should only be done if a)… »11/28/12 10:00pm11/28/12 10:00pm