Ty Cobb And Babe Ruth Show You How To Hit In Cool Old MLB Footage

Grantland's Jonah Keri took a tour of MLB's film and video archive, and got the background on a handful of clips—old-timey and otherwise—that have recently been put online. Like the one above: a 1924 instructional video featuring Ty Cobb, Babe Ruth, Dazzy Vance, and Walter Johnson. » 2/11/15 5:57pm 2/11/15 5:57pm

This Might Be The Oldest Surviving American Soccer Footage

If you're interesting in the long, under-celebrated history of American soccer, I can't recommend enough the uploads from Youtube user "soccermavn." There are old ads, footage of NASL's glory days, and even video of the short-lived United Soccer Association. (Update: He apparently got lots of these tapes from Dave… » 12/18/12 4:10pm 12/18/12 4:10pm