Local Radio Station Claims Lions Ditched Them Over Censorship Issues

97.1 The Ticket has been the Detroit Lions’ flagship station for 18 years, but the team has decided to ditch The Ticket for another local station. According to a senior vice president of CBS Radio, the owner of 97.1, this decision was made in part because the station refused to allow the Lions to censor its content. »Friday 3:29pm11/20/15 3:29pm

I Want To Know Everything About Carson Palmer's Friends Pup, Phil and Sugar Cane

Andre Ellington’s fourth quarter touchdown against Seattle on Sunday sent Arizona quarterback Carson Palmer into a tizzy, pumping his fist and telling the Seahawks crowd to suck it. But after coming in for criticism and with a possible fine looming on the horizon, Palmer says his exulting was directed towards friends… »Thursday 9:46pm11/19/15 9:46pm

Olivia Munn Doesn't Appreciate Being Mentioned As A Possible "Off-Field Issue"

ESPN’s Rob Demovsky wrote an article titled “Five reasons why quarterback Aaron Rodgers is struggling,” in which he tries to figure out why the Packers’ star quarterback hasn’t been his impeccable self in the last few games. The reasons Demovsky gives range from perfectly reasonable—Jordy Nelson is hurt—to the oddly… »Thursday 11:07am11/19/15 11:07am

J.J. Watt And Andy Dalton Engage In Just The Lamest Beef

Houston beat Cincinnati 10-6 Monday night, in a game that was about as entertaining as that score indicates. Backup Texans quarterback T.J. Yates threw the only touchdown of the game, entering in the third quarter after Brian Hoyer suffered a concussion. With the loss the Bengals fall to 8-1, while the 4-5 Texans are… »11/17/15 1:25am11/17/15 1:25am

A Q&A With One Of The Best Sports Photographers To Ever Do It

The good people at Taschen have decided to show us more of sports photographer Neil Leifer’s work, and this is a very good thing. We’re in the thick of football season now, and I can think of no finer accompaniment than Leifer’s collection, Guts & Glory: The Golden Age of American Football, which tracks the NFL’s rise… »11/16/15 2:48pm11/16/15 2:48pm

NFL To Investigate Chicago Bears For Failing To Disclose Full Injury Report To Media

Matt Forte and Pernell McPhee didn’t travel to St. Louis for the Bears’ game against the Rams this weekend. Chicago told their opponents about the injuries, but they did not comply with NFL rules on properly notifying the media, and because of that, the NFL is “looking into” the matter, according to PFT. »11/15/15 2:29pm11/15/15 2:29pm

Rex Ryan Was Fuckin' Pumped About Beating The Jets, And That's Just Fine

Rex Ryan just can’t help himself. He couldn’t help himself when he named the guy who broke Jets quarterback Geno Smith’s jaw one of the pregame captains, and he couldn’t help himself when he reacted like he’d just won the damn Super Bowl after beating the Jets, the team he coached for six years before moving to… »11/13/15 10:40am11/13/15 10:40am