The Buffalo Bills Will Host The Jets At "Home"...In Detroit On Monday

Where will the Jets-Bills game be played, and when, you ask? Finally we have a definitive answer: 7:00 p.m. ET Monday night, at Ford Field in Detroit. The NFL announced earlier today that Sunday's game would be moved from Buffalo, as Western New York will be busy digging itself out from under snow for the next week,… »11/20/14 9:08pm11/20/14 9:08pm


Tingling Sensations: From The Stands At Ford Field, Watching My Former NFL Teammate Get Knocked Out Of A Game

DETROIT—I'm here to see my friend Tony Scheffler play. He's a tight end for the Lions and my last, best connection to a modern NFL that churns through players too quickly to catch. This is my third season out of the league; sometimes, it feels like no one I played with is still playing. But of the few who are, several… »10/13/11 4:35pm10/13/11 4:35pm

"We Were Packed In Like Sardines": Two Former Customers Review Detroit's Booty Bus

Soon after we learned about the Booty Lounge, the mobile strip club that's been idling near Detroit's Ford Field during every Lions tailgate for the past decade or so, we heard from a few former patrons. And after finding the priceless Yelp review from a former scorned freelancer for the club that you'll see below, we… »9/30/11 4:30pm9/30/11 4:30pm

Detroit Police Will Investigate The Ford Field "Booty Bus" That Its Officers Have Informally Investigated For A Year

Detroit police are attending and also investigating the Booty Lounge, a mobile strip club that occupies a spot in a parking lot near Ford Field during Lions home games. The venue is a school bus that has been painted over in black and red paint, with the words "BOOTY LOUNGE" in silver letters on its side. Finally,… »9/28/11 5:50pm9/28/11 5:50pm