Here's Video Of Prince William Playing Street Hockey Pretty Poorly

Will and Kate are touring that hockey-loving natural resources mine to our north—they might be in charge of it someday!—and their stop today brought them to Yellowknife. Yellowknife is the capital of the Northwest Territories. Not even 20,000 people live there. It's on the shores of the Great Slave Lake. I'd go on,… »7/05/11 10:15pm7/05/11 10:15pm


Gluttony Among The Colonists: Deadspin's British Foreign Correspondent Reports From Nathan’s

America smells heavily of sweat. Sweat and old takeout—a lingering, clotted odor, a hybrid of a gas leak and authentic home cooking. This is my first time smelling or seeing the country. I arrived three days ago, Heathrow to JFK, having never crossed the Atlantic before. Now after a long and hot subway ride, I'm at… »7/05/11 6:30pm7/05/11 6:30pm