Minor League Manager Doug Mientkiewicz Started A Huge Brawl

Longtime major leaguer Doug Mientkiewicz is now managing the Fort Myers Miracle, the Twins' high-A affiliate. And to say that Mientkiewicz was merely in the middle of this brawl on Saturday would be to understate it. » 8/19/13 1:10pm 8/19/13 1:10pm

Now They're Tasing Fans At Minor League Baseball Games

Another cop tased another unruly sports fan on Saturday, this time at a Daytona-Fort Myers Class A game. Between this and the explosions, minor league baseball is starting to resemble Greek basketball far more than anyone should be comfortable with. [Busted Coverage] » 7/19/10 2:40pm 7/19/10 2:40pm

Greatest Minor League Promotion Ever Ruined By Wrath Of Tebow

The Fort Myers Miracle planned to pay homage to that miracle-maker Tim Tebow tonight, but what happened instead? Try an approaching tornado, an aborted circumcision, and a cease-and-desist letter from UF. God does not take kindly to your mockery. » 8/27/09 3:00am 8/27/09 3:00am

Baseball Fans Search For Loopholes On Billy Donovan Night

We are not here to mock you, Billy Donovan. Yes, you backed out of your $27.5 million deal to coach the Orlando Magic; but we feel your pain. Steve Spurrier feels your pain. Homer and Ned feel your pain. And the Fort Myers Miracle minor league baseball team, they ... well, OK, they're here to mock you. As you might… » 6/14/07 11:45am 6/14/07 11:45am