Marlins Dad Abandons Son For Ground-Rule Double

There is something about retrieving baseballs that is hard-wired into the psyche of all adult males. Maybe it's a vestige of our hunter-gatherer path, but even the sanest of men can't help but drop everything and goofily run after a $17 ball. It's a poor job by evolution, because sometimes we drop our own spawn. » 3/11/14 9:55am 3/11/14 9:55am

A Brief History Of Adults Taking Baseballs Away From Children

For whatever reason, an old clip of a woman yanking a baseball away from children in Houston is making its rounds today. With that in mind, we dove into the archives to grab some other regrettable moments in adult fan behavior. As always, when attending a baseball game consult our convenient chart to determine if you… » 9/26/13 2:05pm 9/26/13 2:05pm