Snowmageddon And 18 Other Things Fox Affiliates Are Airing Instead Of Today's Historic Live F.A. Cup Broadcast

For the first time in history, an English F.A. Cup match is being aired live on American broadcast television. The highly-anticipated West Ham-Man United match on Fox didn't grab the excitement of all the News Corp affiliates, though, and that's not especially surprising. It's happened before. In fact, it happens … »1/05/13 1:11pm1/05/13 1:11pm


Did Fox Soccer Studio Hosts Go Too Far In Mocking This Obese Fan? [UPDATE: Rob Stone Apologizes]

Rob Stone's addition to the Fox Soccer studio team a year ago has livened up what was previously a very proper and Continental panel of experts; when he's alongside Eric Wynalda the cable net that is the United States' soccer home can now feature entire conversations in "American." »12/03/12 10:45am12/03/12 10:45am