Miami Marlins Dump Longtime TV Analyst Tommy Hutton

Tommy Hutton, the former major leaguer who has been the Marlins TV analyst since 1997, was kicked to the curb today, according to Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald. Jackson, who called Hutton “the best TV analyst in South Florida,” reports that according to Hutton, the Marlins gave him no reason for not renewing his… »Monday 8:14pm11/23/15 8:14pm


This Sun Sports Scouting Report On Rays Pitcher Matt Moore Is Just So Informative

Matt Moore made his 18th start of the season last night for the Rays, so there's plenty of data out there on him and his tendencies. That didn't stop Rays TV analyst Brian Anderson from using the word "command" eight times and "fastball" nine times before the first inning was even over, though. »7/18/12 3:30pm7/18/12 3:30pm