French Club Suspected Of Bribing Opponents With Cases Of Wine Mid-Match

French officials have arrested the club presidents of newly promoted Ligue 1 side Caen and Ligue 2 club Nîmes for their suspected involvement in fixing a match at the end of last year's Ligue 2 season. What did the Caen players receive for their services? According to one report, cases of wine delivered at halftime. » 11/18/14 5:05pm 11/18/14 5:05pm

France Score Thanks To First Important Use Of Goal-Line Technology

France made quick work of Honduras today, mostly thanks to a first half foul in the box that resulted in a French penalty and a second yellow for Honduras's Wilson Palacios. The game was put out of reach in the 48th minute when Karim Benzema's shot caromed off the post, deflected off the goalkeeper's arm, and rolled… » 6/15/14 5:36pm 6/15/14 5:36pm

Even France Couldn't Mess This Up...Right?

In theory and on paper, France are stacked. The spine of this team is ridiculous. Their keeper is incredible. They have more powerful, quick, shockingly young center backs than they know what to do with. The center of their midfield is an embarrassment of riches nearly on par with Spain's and Italy's. Their strikers … » 6/06/14 2:45pm 6/06/14 2:45pm