Formerly Apathetic Batter Francisco Liriano Hits Three-Run Jack

Once upon a time, Francisco Liriano gave so little of a shit about hitting that he didn’t even bother to stand in the batter’s box during his at-bats. This is his third year in the National League, though, and it looks like he’s finally figured the whole offense thing out: »8/08/15 5:53pm8/08/15 5:53pm


Another Weird Baseball Injury: Francisco Liriano Broke His Arm While Trying To Scare His Children

A few days before Christmas, the Pirates were reportedly close to inking a free-agent contract with lefthander Francisco Liriano. The deal appeared to be on the verge of falling through, however, when the team announced that Liriano had mysteriously injured his non-throwing arm sometime over the holidays. In the end, … »2/11/13 3:40pm2/11/13 3:40pm

This Comebacker That Francisco Liriano Caught Between His Legs Could've Turned Out Badly

There were any number of bad, horrible things that this Eric Hosmer comebacker could've caused to Francisco Liriano's lower half—never mind the shard of bat that came flying in his general direction—but no harm, no foul. Hosmer got his revenge later with a walkoff single in the ninth, but Liriano was still the night's… »9/21/12 9:30am9/21/12 9:30am

This Fantasy Manager Knows Better Than Anyone Else That There Was A No-Hitter Last Night

The way Liriano's season was headed, this wasn't the most foolhardy transaction ever made by a general manager, but it's never wise to dump a pitcher six hours before a start. Also, according to the tipster, this particular roto league has a No-Hitter category. Double dickpunch. (H/T Justin A.) »5/04/11 1:45pm5/04/11 1:45pm