Franco Harris Has His Tiananmen Square Moment

About 150 people gathered for what was called a March for Truth today outside the Penn State board of trustees' meeting in State College, Pa. Speeches were given. A life-sized cardboard cutout of Joe Paterno showed up. Franco Harris stood near a van carrying several of the trustees. » 9/20/13 6:03pm 9/20/13 6:03pm

"Horse Crap": Oddly Enough, The Amazon Reviews For The Freeh Report Are…

That is to say, as negative as possible, in every case: the Freeh Report has 44 reviews on Amazon right now, and they are all one star. I mean, that sort of makes sense—who goes on Amazon to give a positive review of the report stemming from an extrajudicial review process?—but on the heels of Franco Harris's mighty… » 9/15/12 2:05pm 9/15/12 2:05pm

Franco Harris Injects Himself Into Penn State Board Of Trustees…

A contentious Penn State board of trustees public meeting today turned farce as NFL Hall of Famer and PSU alum Franco Harris attempted to commandeer the microphone despite not having registered to be a speaker. » 9/14/12 3:40pm 9/14/12 3:40pm

Franco Harris Brought A Cardboard Joe Paterno To Beaver Stadium Today

Franco Harris may be able to pick a wobbly incompletion from just above the turf, but he doesn't know how to pick his battles. His insistence on becoming the alpha Joe Paterno apologist rings with the dregs of denial: "He played such a minor part in this." Aaaaand now he's dragging JoePa's cardboard form to the Penn… » 9/01/12 6:15pm 9/01/12 6:15pm

Franco Harris On Joe Paterno: Yep, I'm Still Hopelessly Deluded

Franco Harris read "most of" the Freeh Report (the stuff about the massive, program and university-wide cover up must have been in the last chapter) and has come to this conclusion: "there was no cover up." Even, for the sake of argument, assuming the existence of a cover up, Harris "feel[s] even more strongly about… » 7/21/12 11:30am 7/21/12 11:30am

Decision On The Paterno Statue Coming Soon

According to Don Van Natta, Jr., Penn State president Rodney Erickson is expected to make a decision on the removal of the Paterno statue within 72 hours. Kim Jones's initial report is looking more and more accurate. The point of contention trustees had was with Bonnie Bernstein's report that a vote was taken.… » 7/21/12 9:39am 7/21/12 9:39am

Franco Harris Wants Joe Paterno Reinstated For Four Games Next Season,…

Never mind the alleged victims of Jerry Sandusky's child sex abuse: Joe Paterno is the biggest victim of all. At least that seems to be the opinion of those deluded Penn Staters who continue to make Paterno their primary concern. And arguably no one has tilted more stupidly at that stupid windmill than Hall of Fame… » 1/20/12 6:40pm 1/20/12 6:40pm

Franco Harris Arrives In State College, Enjoys A Pastry, Never Gets To…

Franco Harris's tireless quest to win Joe Paterno his job back pretty much went the way everyone not named Franco Harris knew it would. As reported earlier today, Harris's dedication to Penn State's morally complicit former coach is so great he made a show of sacrificing his own noble calling as a casino spokesman,… » 11/16/11 9:32pm 11/16/11 9:32pm

Undaunted, Franco Harris Is Driving To State College To Convince Penn…

Former Steelers running back Franco Harris, now out of work for defending Joe Paterno, has found a way to make use of his newfound free time. According to WTAE-TV, Harris said he agreed to put his job at Meadows Racetrack & Casino "on hold" so he can fight the good fight on behalf of his old college coach. Harris… » 11/16/11 3:40pm 11/16/11 3:40pm

Franco Harris Fired By Pittsburgh-Area Casino For His Support Of Joe…

Franco Harris has arguably been the most outspoken of Joe Paterno's former players in light of the Penn State scandal. And now it has cost him his job as a spokesman for The Meadows Racetrack & Casino. » 11/16/11 11:10am 11/16/11 11:10am