ESPN Cancels Comedy Segment Again

It appears ESPN will not be subjecting its viewers to a misguided, probably-sponsored-by-a-light-beer segment with a cast of uncomfortable extras centered around a hilariously out of touch gasbag.
» 12/09/12 10:45am 12/09/12 10:45am

It appears this has with this being the second consecutive week to involve and not because the segment itself is…

TBS Executive Completely Drunk on Own Caliendo Juice

It's pretty easy to complain about those damn "Frank TV" ads that pop up seemingly every commercial break during TBS' postseason baseball coverage and pretty much everyone has. Even Frank Caliendo » 10/15/08 5:45pm 10/15/08 5:45pm. (On a side note: I find the DirecTV ads featuring Craig T. Nelson and Heather O'Rourke even more troubling. Do I really…

Frank Caliendo, Dish Network To Be Sued Back To The Stone Age?

Of course just about everyone loves Frank TV: Christians, Hindus, Muslims, Jews ... our admiration for the voice stylings of Frank Caliendo is the only thing on which we can all agree.* Two notable exceptions, however, are John Madden and Charles Barkley, who do not take kindly to Caliendo using their likenesses in… » 3/19/08 2:30pm 3/19/08 2:30pm