Fan Of The Pittsburgh Pirates? Prove It By Paying Them Money To Join Their Stupid Fan Club. [UPDATED]

The Pittsburgh Pirates are at last contenders again, but they're still the Pittsburgh Pirates. They finally have fans excited again because they're actually winning. But they're still not above showing some degree of contempt for those fans by offering them something they're calling the Fan Advisor Network. And what… »8/08/12 3:15pm8/08/12 3:15pm


Pirates' Flagship Radio Station Has Instructed Its Sports-Talk Hosts Not To Discuss Team President's DUI [UPDATE]

Put aside the fact that Frank Coonelly, the president of the Pittsburgh Pirates, was cited for DUI just before Christmas, only to have the news of it finally see the light of day today. The Pittsburgh sports-talk station that reached an agreement in September to broadcast the Pirates' games has now told its hosts they… »2/23/12 8:35pm2/23/12 8:35pm