Do Not Give Frank Solich The Date Rape Drug

Remember that alleged email that circulated a while back about Ohio football coach Frank Solich and how his drunk driving arrest was actually a case of him being dosed with GHB? Well, it turns out ... it's absolutely true. The Sporting News has learned that Solich's attorneys do plan on fighting the DUI conviction on… » 6/02/06 1:45pm 6/02/06 1:45pm

Frank Solich, Date Rape Target

You know the world's getting crazy when random emails from random blogs citing random people is crossing over until the mainstream press. Yep, you got it: The Frank Solich was drugged with GHB story has gone "legit." » 4/20/06 5:00pm 4/20/06 5:00pm

Solich Party Photos!

In case you were wondering if Ohio coach Frank Solich's drunk driving arrest incident was an entirely isolated incident, here's some photos of the coach chilling at an Ohio bar with some students, posing, having some fun. Anyone, of course, should feel free to go out and have some drinks. But somehow we can't… » 12/01/05 9:15am 12/01/05 9:15am

Sleepless In Athens, Ohio

You wake up to the light in your eyes. Blinking, you try to adjust. The man with the light is very authoritative, and more than a little pissed. You must have been asleep for a while. Jesus, what time is it? » 11/29/05 10:13am 11/29/05 10:13am