TBS Executive Completely Drunk on Own Caliendo Juice

It's pretty easy to complain about those damn "Frank TV" ads that pop up seemingly every commercial break during TBS' postseason baseball coverage and pretty much everyone has. Even Frank Caliendo » 10/15/08 5:45pm 10/15/08 5:45pm. (On a side note: I find the DirecTV ads featuring Craig T. Nelson and Heather O'Rourke even more troubling. Do I really…

Frank Caliendo, Dish Network To Be Sued Back To The Stone Age?

Of course just about everyone loves Frank TV: Christians, Hindus, Muslims, Jews ... our admiration for the voice stylings of Frank Caliendo is the only thing on which we can all agree.* Two notable exceptions, however, are John Madden and Charles Barkley, who do not take kindly to Caliendo using their likenesses in… » 3/19/08 2:30pm 3/19/08 2:30pm

Frank TV Successfully Lands On Earth

The anticipation is over, everyone; last night, the sainted moment finally came. "Frank TV" debuted! (For four episodes!) So ... how was it? Don't ask us; we didn't watch it. What, you think we're crazy? » 11/21/07 11:10am 11/21/07 11:10am

"Frank TV" Destined To Live Up To The Hype

If you were to add up all the time spent promoting "Frank TV" on TBS during the baseball playoffs, we'd guess it totaled about four years. (Give or take.) And how many hours of the show will end up being aired? Thanks to the writers' strike, about four. » 11/09/07 11:40am 11/09/07 11:40am

Frank TV Has Decided To Promote Itself

We know: You thought the end of the postseason on TBS meant that the promotional blitz for "Frank TV" had ended. You figured, jeez, we can just hope we remember whenever that show was supposed to start. (Sometime in November. We think.) But nope! They're just getting warmed up! » 10/24/07 11:10am 10/24/07 11:10am

Frank TV, The Show We Hated A Month Before It Began

It's a sad day, folks: This is the end of our Frank TV advertisements. The NLCS ended too quickly; we felt like we were just getting to know young Frank Caliendo. » 10/16/07 5:10pm 10/16/07 5:10pm