Ashley Madison Code Shows More Women, and More Bots

After searching through the Ashley Madison database and private email last week, I reported that there might be roughly 12,000 real women active on Ashley Madison. Now, after looking at the company’s source code, it’s clear that I arrived at that low number based in part on a misunderstanding of the evidence. Equally… »8/31/15 8:08pm8/31/15 8:08pm


Browns Owner Avoids Federal Prosecution With Massive Settlement

Browns owner Jimmy Haslam, who is the CEO of a truck stop empire that committed a whole bunch of fraud, probably won't be spending any time in prison for presiding over a company that bilked customers out of tens of millions of dollars. That's because his company, Pilot Flying J, just agreed to pay $92 million to the… »7/14/14 3:01pm7/14/14 3:01pm

Mike Miller Considers Suing Heat For Setting Him Up With Con Man

Former Miami Heat swingman Mike Miller is strongly considering filing a $1.7 million lawsuit against his former team. Miller isn't considering suing for unpaid wages or bonus money, though. He believes that the Heat are responsible for paying him money he lost in a failed business relationship with a con man who used… »10/25/13 10:26am10/25/13 10:26am

Vikings Owner Zygi Wilf Likely To Pay Huge Sum In Fraud Case

Here's a quick reminder that Browns owner Jimmy Haslam isn't the only NFL owner to have had his name linked with some shady business dealings. Vikings owner and real estate mogul Zygi Wilf is now on the hook for what could end up being tens of millions of dollars after losing a civil suit to former business partners… »8/07/13 12:35pm8/07/13 12:35pm

Lawsuit Alleges That Curt Schilling's Company Concealed Financial Information To Get Loan From Rhode Island

It's been months since the Curt Schilling's quixotic pursuit to create an online role playing game ended with his video game company, 38 Studios, going belly up. 38 Studios didn't go bankrupt until after it had taken a $75 million dollar loan from the state of Rhode Island, though, and new court documents reveal that… »4/08/13 12:55pm4/08/13 12:55pm

Murder, Transsexuals, And The Price Is Right: The Story Of The Dale Car Hoax

April Fool's Day internet browsing is not like every other day. Every story is a probably lie, and for once the normally foolproof policy of believing everything you read on the internet is not recommended. This story is different, though. This is an entirely true story about a whole massive load of lies. It involves… »4/01/13 1:47pm4/01/13 1:47pm

Which Athlete Did Freddie "FredEx" Mitchell Ensnare In His Low-Rent Tax Evasion Scheme?

Former Eagles wide receiver Freddie Mitchell, who is mostly known for catching one long pass and giving himself a catchy nickname, has been facing tax evasion and fraud charges since March of last year, and pled guilty to filing a false tax claim yesterday. That crime carries a maximum penalty of ten years in jail and… »3/09/13 2:45pm3/09/13 2:45pm

One Of The Mets' New Minority Owners Has Been Accused Of Consumer Fraud. He'll Fit Right In.

Will the Mets ever be anything but an incorporated facepalm of a team? The latest addition to the team's ever-growing portfolio of pathetic missteps comes courtesy of The New York Times, which points out today that one of the team's new minority owners is allegedly little more than a flowery scam artist. »12/03/12 12:10pm12/03/12 12:10pm