Racing Club's Ingenious Goal Is Why We Need More Free Kick Shenanigans

Seriously, why isn't there more experimentation on free kicks? As Racing Club proved in the Copa Libertadores last night, there are trickier, probably more effective ways to score from a dead ball than just thumping it vaguely towards goal. We have enough evidence. Let's put it to use. » 3/11/15 12:41pm 3/11/15 12:41pm

Man City Saves Draw With 92nd-Minute Free Kick Goal

James Milner helped Manchester City avoid an embarrassing home loss to lowly Hull City with this gorgeous stoppage-time free kick goal. To be fair, even a draw is shocking; Etihad Stadium spent most of the match silent as supporters watched their team fart around and be dominated by the bottom-three side. » 2/07/15 11:56am 2/07/15 11:56am

Germany's Absurd World Cup Fake Free Kick Actually Worked In Practice

Remember that absurd, failed free kick that Germany attempted against Algeria in the World Cup? In case not, we've embedded video of it below. In the 88th minute of a 0-0 game—Germany would eventually win 2-1 in a dramatic extra time period on Mesut Özil's 120th minute goal—Germany won a free kick about 30 yards away… » 1/13/15 8:49pm 1/13/15 8:49pm

Gareth Bale Puts Real Madrid Up 2-0 With An Unstoppable Free Kick

It's tough to imagine a more perfect free kick goal than the one Gareth Bale scored today against Espanyol. We've covered numerous amazing set pieces launched by Cristiano Ronaldo, but Bale's providing evidence that he's the strongest man for the job at Real Madrid. » 1/10/15 10:51am 1/10/15 10:51am

Japanese Soccer Team Incorporates Half The Team In This Fake Free Kick

I'm not sure how much of an actual advantage Kyoto Sanga got from this five-man fakeout goal, but any innovation on the standard, one player half-heartedly jogging past the ball before the guy you always knew was going to shoot takes a swing is welcome. Next time, I want to see two lines crisscrossing. » 5/07/14 1:17pm 5/07/14 1:17pm

Free-Kick Shenanigans Are The Shenaniganest

In America, we call this sort of thing "trickeration." You see it chiefly when discombobulated baserunners get tagged out, or when a grade-school quarterback announces to his coach from behind the line of scrimmage that, oops, we've got the wrong ball. » 9/25/13 7:10pm 9/25/13 7:10pm

A K-Leaguer May Have Set The World Record For Fastest-Ever Free Kick…

Australian defender Eddy Bosnar's free kick goal for Korean squad Suwon Bluewings may be a new record holder for velocity after scoring Sunday against Ulsan. » 5/24/12 2:00pm 5/24/12 2:00pm

Clint Dempsey's 50th Premiership Goal Was Fittingly Beautiful

Clint Dempsey's outstanding run of form this season continued this morning as he opened the scoring of today's Fulham-Sunderland match with a fantastic free kick goal, his 50th in the English Premier League. » 5/06/12 9:28am 5/06/12 9:28am

Today In Free Kicks: Kyle Walker, Young-Pyo Lee Produced Two Of The…

The past 20 hours have been outstanding for fans of set pieces, as two beautiful free kick goals found the net and proved decisive in their respective games. Spurs back Kyle Walker secured victory for his squad in their match this morning against Blackburn with the above strike, a curving weasel of a kick that took… » 4/29/12 12:43pm 4/29/12 12:43pm