Was Banning Tyler, the Creator, the Victory International Feminism Needed?

On Sunday, August 23, Tyler, the Creator, was riding through France on the nicest tour bus he’d ever rented—a giant TV screen, a circle couch, extra beds—and heading towards the end of what was meant to be a month-long tour of Europe, reveling in the amenities his hard work had afforded him. The 24-year-old Los… »9/02/15 11:42am9/02/15 11:42am

Joyce Carol Oates Rages Against Death Of The First Amendment

Most people think that the case of Donald Sterling poses no free speech or First Amendment issues. Their argument is that Sterling has every right to order his mistresses not to be seen with black people and to privately talk about Los Angeles Clippers players as if they were livestock, and that the NBA, a private… »4/30/14 1:34pm4/30/14 1:34pm

Dumb Twitter Users Rage Against Death Of The First Amendment

Donald Sterling's tenure as owner of the Los Angeles Clippers wasn't the only thing that died today; so did the First Amendment. The much-loved guarantee of freedom of speech was 223 years old, and was killed by NBA commissioner Adam Silver, who cited broad powers in the league constitution as the basis for laying a… »4/29/14 3:39pm4/29/14 3:39pm

The London Olympics Website Does Not Want You Linking To It Unless You're Going To Be Nice

As a mega-moneyfest, the Olympics demand a massive amount of corporate sanitizing. For spectators, this means having anything you didn't obtain from an official Olympic sponsor confiscated, but this has been going on for years and for the most part, that's the Faustian bargain you make in order to attend the world's… »7/13/12 1:30pm7/13/12 1:30pm