Here's Dwight Howard Making All His Free Throws In Warmups

Dwight Howard is making 54.4 percent of his free throws this year. He made 49 percent of them in each of the past two seasons, and is 57 percent for his career. Here he is hitting 18 of 20 in warmups, including 10 straight. » 11/22/13 9:56am 11/22/13 9:56am

Dwight Howard Loses Free-Throw Contest To Troll Columnist's Daughter

OK, Howard was shooting with his left hand, so this doesn't really count. In fact, the biggest takeaway from this contest isn't that Dwight Howard is a bad free-throw shooter, but that T.J. Simers is and will always be the worst. » 6/03/13 3:10pm 6/03/13 3:10pm

The Worst Free-Throw Attempt Ever, Explained By The Woman Who Took It

On Monday, we brought you footage of what we described as the worst free-throw attempt of all time. The shot truly is a thing to behold, and we couldn't help but wonder (after watching it for the 20th time) how exactly a free throw could fall so far from the rim. This was a question that we needed to have answered. » 2/20/13 3:15pm 2/20/13 3:15pm

OK, OK: This Is The Worst Free Throw Ever [UPDATE]

We thought we had an open and shut case last December when Appalachian State junior center Brian Okam launched a free throw approximately 100 feet high and four feet out. Then this happened. » 2/18/13 8:15pm 2/18/13 8:15pm

Tony Parker Got Everyone To Bite On A Fake Free Throw

The most effective fake is the one when everyone's expecting you to shoot. Considering Tony Parker was at the foul line, this was probably the single most effective shot fake ever pulled off. » 12/18/12 12:30pm 12/18/12 12:30pm

Welp, The Worst Free Throw Of All Time Was Shot Last Night And Will…

Brian Okam is a 7-0 junior center who was born in Nigeria and went to high school at Lake Highland, in Florida. Last year, he attempted four free throws and made two of them. Yesterday, he did that, which counts for twenty-eight missed free throws, six losses for Appalachian State, and a rescinded athletic… » 12/09/12 1:30pm 12/09/12 1:30pm

Greg Monroe Nailed A One-Eyed Free Throw

In the second quarter of the Pistons' 94-76 win in Philadelphia, their first of the season, Greg Monroe was poked in the eye by Spencer Hawes. With his contact lens out of place, Monroe swished a free throw. After adjusting it—and regaining binocular vision—Monroe missed the second. » 11/15/12 9:45am 11/15/12 9:45am

Here's Blake Griffin Airballing Consecutive Free Throws

Blake Griffin is good at many things, like dunking and shilling inexpensive Korean automobiles. He is also not very good at some things, and one of them is shooting free throws. Don't expect much reaction from the Clippers broadcast team, though—they're too busy debating the merits of Tracy McGrady. [Fox Sports West] » 3/14/12 11:38pm 3/14/12 11:38pm

UCF Pre-Med Coed Propositions Dwight Howard

These girl-propositions-an-athlete videos are becoming a bit of an epidemic, aren't they? Today we have Margo. She is a junior at the University of Central Florida who dreams to one day be a pediatrician. And has she got a deal for Dwight Howard. Margo admits to stealing the idea from our sorority girl friend, but… » 1/21/12 3:30pm 1/21/12 3:30pm

Jamaal Magloire Airballed A Free Throw In Spectacular Fashion

12 seconds left, game on the line. In whose hands do you want the ball? Definitely not Jamaal Magloire, who sealed a Pacers win by airballing his first free throw and bricking (but at least catching rim) on the second. [TSN] » 1/13/12 10:56pm 1/13/12 10:56pm

Dirk Nowitzki, Boring Assassin

While you watch this video of every single Dirk Nowitzki free throw from last night, chew on this: Is it possible that Dirk, long-hailed as an elite NBA player, might have been underrated and unappreciated these past 13 years? Is it possible that Dirk, in a final four showcasing Kevin Durant, Derrick Rose, LeBron… » 5/18/11 12:20pm 5/18/11 12:20pm

Robot Seal Defeats Tubby Smith In Free Throw Battle

This week, we were tipped off to two free throw highlight videos, which are never really highlight videos at all. One was of human coach Tubby Smith, and the other was of a fuzzy robot seal from Taiwan. The natural response was to set the two against each other, with their original soundtracks included. In a… » 3/04/11 7:30pm 3/04/11 7:30pm