The $50,000 Steering Wheels Of Formula 1

It wouldn't be Formula 1 without some kind of constant friction between racers, team owners and organizers, and this year's kerfuffle involves steering wheels that force drivers to push more buttons than a 747 pilot having a seizure. [Jalopnik] » 3/25/11 4:49pm 3/25/11 4:49pm

Free Post: Put Dawson In The Hall

Last week, we offered a free post anyone who could grab a Bruce Weber Bobblehead from a Schaumberg Flyers promotion. The blessed soul that is Jeff Kline, from a "hellhole of suburban vacuousness only seven miles away from Alexian Field," came through for us. So here's his free post, which has a noble goal: To get… » 8/14/06 1:15pm 8/14/06 1:15pm

The Winner Of The World Cup Pool Speaks

When we launched the Deadspin Pants Party World Cup Pick 'Em Game back in June, we promised a free post for the winner. It turned out it was Alan Fortunate, with his "Enrico Pilazo" entry, scoring 99 points, just edging out E. Shepard's "Snitches Get Stitches" entry. Fortunate actually ended up sixth in the entire… » 7/12/06 4:15pm 7/12/06 4:15pm