Rap City's Big Tigger On The Show's Best Freestyles

BET's now-defunct Rap City debuted in 1989 and lasted until 2008, making it the longest-running hip-hop TV show of all time. In its prime, the show was a perfect vehicle for rappers on the come-up and those who were already there. Recently, I talked to former host Darian "Big Tigger" Morgan about what made… »4/15/15 3:10pm4/15/15 3:10pm


Women Can Swim Long Distances Just Fine, So Why Aren't We Allowed To?

While the Olympics aren't fresh on the mind for some (not me; I actually never stop thinking about them), some recent particularly impressive distance swimming has prompted the question of why female swimmers competing in the Olympics swim 800 meters of freestyle instead of 1,500 meters, the way the men do. »8/12/14 11:45am8/12/14 11:45am