Beyoncé's Note To Serena Williams: "Stunt On Them, Serena"

This is a note that Beyoncé wrote to Serena Williams right after Williams had finished up her French Open title run. I don't think the letter was actually sent to Williams, but was instead posted in the "news" section of Beyoncé's (crazy) website, which seems like a very Beyoncé way for Beyoncé to express her appreciation of … » 6/10/13 3:28pm 6/10/13 3:28pm

The Half-Naked French Open Flare Guys Were Protesting Gay Marriage

So you remember earlier when the shirtless men in opera masks and salmon pants stormed the court with lit flares in the French Open final? That whole scene felt kind of homoerotic, right? It wasn't just you; we felt it, too. Well, it turns out those guys were actually protesting gay marriage. » 6/09/13 1:20pm 6/09/13 1:20pm

Rafa Nadal Just Beat David Ferrer To Win The French Open Title

There was never any doubt. Third-seeded Rafa Nadal just bested fellow Spaniard David Ferrer in straight sets, 6-3, 6-2, 6-3 to win the French Open title. It was Nadal's eighth French Open win—a record—and the 27-year-old now has 12 Grand Slams. Ferrer, seeded fourth, did well to make it to the final, but as Nadal… » 6/09/13 12:12pm 6/09/13 12:12pm

Serena Williams Just Won the 2013 French Open

Top-seeded Serena Williams just beat Maria Sharapova in straight sets, winning 6-4, 6-4, to clinch this year's French Open. It capped a ridiculous tournament for the 31-year-old champion, who mowed down her opponents en route to the second French Open win in her career. » 6/08/13 11:53am 6/08/13 11:53am

The USTA Will Make The U.S. Open The Most Fogeyish Grand Slam…

For years, the U.S. Open was the antidote to Wimbledon and Roland Garros' fussiness (the Australian was basically just irrelevant and a big Whatever). At the Open there were ungodly late matches, bigger stadiums, the made-for-TV scheduling bonanza in Super Saturday, loud music, longer commercial breaks. It was, by far… » 6/14/12 4:17pm 6/14/12 4:17pm

Immediately After A 38-Shot Rally, One Tennis Player Collapses And The …

Richard Gasquet hit an overhead winner to end a 56 second-long point with Grigor Dimitrov in their French Open second round match today. Gasquet promptly threw up his banana and Dimitrov fell to the ground with a severe leg cramp. Dimitrov never quite recovered; Gasquet would take the next three sets. » 6/01/12 5:35pm 6/01/12 5:35pm

Mavericks Fan Sitting Behind George Lopez Speaks For All America

Your morning roundup for June 6, the day we learned the value of Bernie Madoff's underwear. H/T @bubbaprog, proprietor of, for accurately predicting what might tickle us this morning (and others for sending in their own grabs). » 6/06/11 9:40am 6/06/11 9:40am

Roger Federer Causes Fan Hysteria, Loss In Gravity

The poor girl just wanted a selfie with the maestro, and all she got was a pitying hug. But — and I say this as a former boy band fanatic — I would not completely rule out the possibility that there was some kind of ulterior motive going on here. After all, a pitying hug from Roger Federer is still a hug from Roger… » 6/01/11 12:15pm 6/01/11 12:15pm

Viktor Troicki Can Blame His French Open Exit On A 12-Year-Old Boy

Viktor Troicki, the 15 seed in the French Open, nearly upset No. 4 Andy Murray today in Paris, in a five set match that took two days to complete. Murray won 4-6, 4-6, 6-3, 6-2, 7-5, but in a game in which any single point can swing the momentum of a match, Troicki will likely remember his interrupted winner at the… » 5/31/11 12:30pm 5/31/11 12:30pm