Just Undo It: The LeBron James Profile That Nike Killed

This profile of LeBron James was reported and written in 2011 for Port, a new London-based men's magazine, under odd circumstances: Nike paid for the writer's travel expenses and a portion of his fee. The story that came out of the trip was not what Nike had expected—a rep was apparently "furious"—and the… »7/10/14 2:42pm7/10/14 2:42pm

When A Famed Nike Coach Tried To Steal A Race, A Track Protest Was Born

The scene was unprecedented: seven runners walking off the track hand in hand, in quiet protest against their own governing body. The women had just run the 1,500-meter race at the U.S. indoor national championships on Feb. 23 in Albuquerque. The day before, the winner of the 3,000-meter race, Gabe Grunewald, had been… »3/07/14 12:48pm3/07/14 12:48pm

EBay Bidding On 215 Pairs Of Warren Sapp's Nikes Is Now At $16,500

As a "Young Person" who aspires to bring a sense of "flair" to his wardrobe, I own a bunch of colorful sneakers. Some of them are Air Jordans, though I find that Air Jordans generally give little bang for their buck. They're boxy and limited in their palettes. Elephant print is about as adventurous as they get. If… »8/08/12 9:45am8/08/12 9:45am

Roger Goodell (And Nike) Will Not Tolerate The NFL's Epidemic Of Bruised Thighs Anymore

When we last left the Ginger Hammer, he was sending Gregg Williams to the bad corner and proving, once and for all, that violence has no place in football. And today, Roger Goodell has yet taken yet another step in showing the world that HE MEANS GINGER BUSINESS when it comes to player safety. Pending NFLPA approval,… »5/23/12 11:35am5/23/12 11:35am

Babies Left In Cars, Shots Fired, Doors Broken Down: Just Another Air Jordan Release Date In America

Nike re-released the Air Jordan XIs early this morning, which led to mini riots, gun shots, babies trapped in cars, and lots of blown paychecks (they run about $180 retail). But it wouldn't be a Jordan sneaker release day without a wash of mall crime across the country, would it? Here's a roundup of today's… »12/23/11 2:00pm12/23/11 2:00pm