"Amazing Grace" Played By Airhorns Is Our New National Anthem, Breh

Please, a moment of extreme silence to honor America and our Lord, for here is “Amazing Grace” played by a choir of airhorns. Hats off, hands on your hearts. Please direct your local place of worship to add this to the docket this Sunday, as it is both religious and our new national anthem. I literally have no idea… »5/22/15 12:14pm5/22/15 12:14pm


Nyjer Morgan Celebrated The Brewers' Series Win With A Double "Fuck Yeah!" Live On TBS

The triumphant Brew Crew defeated Arizona, 3-2, in extras, and hooray for them—they won their first playoff series since 1982. Accordingly, Nyjer Morgan, everyone's favorite weirdo who delivered the winning hit, got nuts on Sam Ryan's mic. Haven't you heard, TBS? You can't script October. »10/07/11 9:12pm10/07/11 9:12pm

Brett Favre And Jets GM Mike Tannenbaum's Broseph Love Is Boundless and Obscenity-Laden

The New York Jets were fired up after their victory over the dastardly Patriots last Thursday night and rightly so, considering all that was on the line. But no one was more excited than the ol' gunslinger, Brett Favre, who shared an unreserved embrace with Jets GM Mike Tannenbaum after the victory that pretty much… »11/18/08 4:00pm11/18/08 4:00pm