Chip Kelly Has Big Balls, According To College GameDay Sign

The University of Oregon doesn't take the field until later tonight, but the College GameDay chanting-and-drawing backdrop warriors were already out for coach Chip Kelly's morning #OccupyHerbstreit appearance. » 10/15/11 3:00pm 10/15/11 3:00pm

Mississippi State Football Fans Aren't Strong Spellers

Granted, this sign at tonight's Mississippi State/LSU game would have been more phenomenally noteworthy had a prominent "O" been an afterthought to a prominent "U," but it's phenomenal in and of itself. Several tipsters are to be commended for sending this in. You know who you are. » 9/15/11 9:15pm 9/15/11 9:15pm

He's Not A Horny Panderer, He Just Passed By Auburn's Plaza Motel Last…

James W., the tipster with an eye for good bargains, dutifully shared this shot of the sign outside of the Plaza Motel, which he deemed the "most shady hotel" in Auburn, AL. He assures you it's neither Photoshopped nor a product of missing letters. » 6/16/11 1:30am 6/16/11 1:30am