San Andreas without the special effects looks even more ridiculous

You know what happens in a real earthquake? A pause. And then slight confusion. And then frantically trying to remember what elementary school taught you on where you should go. And then panic because you don’t remember. You know what happens when you film an earthquake disaster movie such as San Andreas? Comedy. »5/30/15 4:25pm5/30/15 4:25pm

Marshawn Lynch's Outtakes From Gaming With Gronk Are Also Very Funny

Marshawn Lynch and Gronk played some video games on Conan's show the other day and it was great. Attempting to satiate an insatiable demand for all things Marshawn Lynch, Team Coco has uploaded a video of outtakes from the shoot, appropriately calling it "Marshawnisms." What's a Marshawnism? Probably something like… »1/31/15 4:15pm1/31/15 4:15pm

Ernie Johnson Jokingly Asks Westbrook "How Was The Execution Tonight?"

On Friday night Russell Westbrook raged at the media, refusing to answer questions with anything other than "we executed," and telling one reporter that he flat out didn't like him. After tonight's Thunder win over the Heat, the NBA TV crew conducted an otherwise mundane interview with Westbrook—you can watch the… »1/21/15 12:35am1/21/15 12:35am

Dude's Massive Rave Leads To Historically Great Local News Segment

This is a local news report about James Taylor, a wonderfully goatee'd, 20-year-old West Michigan man who threw a big-ass party at his house that featured multiple DJs, fire-throwers, go-go dancers, and about 2,000 attendees. It's a really funny news report, but it achieves transcendence around the 25-second mark. »8/05/14 6:26pm8/05/14 6:26pm

Original Script For Controversial Game Of Thrones Scene Very Different

There has been a lot of controversy surrounding the rape scene from the latest episode of Game of Thrones, in part because it deviated so dramatically from the way it was depicted in the book. Thanks to Dan Abromowitz and HappyPlace, we now know that the original script had the scene playing out very differently. »4/24/14 2:46pm4/24/14 2:46pm

What Every NFL Logo Would Look Like If It Were A Hipster

The man who has brought us so much joy by doing ridiculous, hilarious things to the logos of NFL teams has struck again. Today, artist David Rappoccio unveiled his latest collection: each NFL logo re-imagined as a hipster. Smug hipster jaguar is particularly inspired, but there are many more good ones over at Kissing… »1/15/14 9:57am1/15/14 9:57am