Where Hulk, Cristiano Ronaldo And Other World Cup Stars Got Their Names

It's fitting that the World Cup hosted by Brazil, a country with such a unique anthroponomastic culture, is lousy with guys bearing interesting names and sobriquets. And while hearing these names and wondering where they came from offers one source of enjoyment, we've tried to actually find out what was in the minds… » 6/28/14 11:44am 6/28/14 11:44am

Amazingly, Someone Else Now Claims To Have Invented The "Charge" Chant

On Monday, we brought word that Bobby Kent, a musician from South Florida, claimed to have written the 'da da da da da da... CHARGE!' song that you hear at far too many sporting events. » 4/13/11 11:35am 4/13/11 11:35am

Quarterback Fudge Van Hooser Commits To Tulane, Becomes An Early Name…

Tulane received an oral commitment today from an Montgomery, Ala., quarterback named Fudge Van Hooser today. We can only hope that a few years down the road Fudge gets drafted by the Pa...nthers. Here's a video of him running track. [NewOrleans.com] » 7/01/10 5:45pm 7/01/10 5:45pm